BSA Film Friday: 05.16.14



Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :

1. KATSU’s Drone Painting
2. Brandalism 2014
3. Pow! Wow! Hawaii 2014
4. Mural Festival 2014. (teaser for Montreal)
5. Herakut: Colors of Resilience

BSA Special Feature: KATSU’s Drone Painting

Bombing, spying, delivering Amazon packages. Gosh, what CAN’T you do with a drone? With an ominous soundtrack peppered with occasional blips and lots of, uh, droning, this video appears to show Katsu in a white hazmat suit diving and bobbing while driving his remote control spraying device.

Aside from the novelty and associated cool factor, it appears that the contraption may be even more unwieldy than a fire extinguisher – something Katsu knows something about. It’s all a big experiment at this point, something that happens often with art on the street, but only occasionally are the changes fueled by new technology.

Who knows what the practical applications will be for this technique of painting? Actually we all will eventually.


It all looks so clean and efficient, this culture-jamming / media-jamming that just took place in Europe. Now apparently christened brandalism, this hi-jack of the ad message continues to gather fans an practitioners as people question both the message and messenger in public space.

This very large scale project replaced hundreds of paid advertisements with art, and probably some subvertising as well. The soundtrack makes it all seem sort of breezy.


Yes, we know they are sneaking those Red Bull ads into this video – it’s called sponsored content and marketing industry reports say that ya’ll don’t mind. And why would you mind when the walls and scenery in Hawaii are so gorgeous?

Also, dang but what about all these wide hovering camera shots courtesy of ……wait for it………drones.  (See first video up top).

So Pow! Wow! Hawaii! is wrapped for this year — Now prepare ourselves for Pow! Pow! TAIWAN!, just announced.

BTW, this jingle will make you tingle – like black pepper ice cream.

Mural Festival 2014. Teaser

Meanwhile, north of the US border, Montreal is preparing for another go at MURAL, with mostly French and Canadian street artists and an attached series of cultural activities. See the lineup near the end of the video.


Herakut: Colors of Resilience

In solidarity with the March 15, 2011 Syrian uprising, the resulting deaths and refugees, Street Artists Herakut created this video and this project. Well done.

“Street art by Herakut as part of a an AptART project with children in the Syrian Refugee Camp Zaatari and children in North Jordan, in partnership with ACTED, supported by ECHO and UNICEF. March 2014.

Videography by MESSRS., Film Concept and Edit by HERAKUT, Music by Marbert Rocel.