Ernest Zacharevic “Toy Mafia” in Gaeta, Italy

You’ll have to laugh when you first see the new double wall installation just completed by Ernest Zacharevic for the Memorie Urbane Festival. Known for his light hearted hand rendered site-specific illustrations of kids at play, Zacharevic positions two boys around the corner from one another ready to blast each other to pieces with water guns. Hopefully Gaeta appreciates the humor.

The title? Toy Mafia. brooklyn-street-art-ernest-Zacharevic-lorenzo-gallitto-memorie-urbane-festival-italy-04-14-web-2

Ernest Zacharevic. Detail. (photo © Lorenzo Gallitto/The Blind Eye Factory)


Ernest Zacharevic. Detail. (photo © Giorgio Base/ The Blind Eye Factory)


Ernest Zacharevic (photo © Lorenzo Gallitto/ The Blind Eye Factory)

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