Sr. X Makes an Escape

Spain’s Sr. X has a good knack for placement with his realistic figures incorporated into the streetscape, whether peering out from a broken façade or up from the edges of a pothole. brooklyn-street-art-srx-london-11-13-web-2

Sr. X “Bye” London, England. November, 2013. (photo © Sr. X)

A guy who carries the weight of the world on his shoulders thematically, whether addressing fears of terror or the New World Order, Sr. X often mixes retro-looking sci-fi creatures or clean-cut idealized folks with apocalyptic themes in a winking ironic way. Here is a new piece that creates the missing bricks in a London wall to facilitate an escape, hopefully to a better world.


Sr. X “Bye” London, England. November, 2013. (photo © Sr. X)