BSA Film Friday 11.01.13



Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening:
1. ICY & SOT Double Header
2.”Wish” by Jorge Rodriguez-Gerarda
3. Buenos Aires Street Art Part 1 & 2
4. The Lurkers in NYC

BSA Special Feature: ICY & SOT Double Header

Two Brand New Videos from the Street Art Bros Who Are Not Twins

Iranian brothers and Street Artists Icy & Sot have been painting and observing a great deal about New York since moving to Brooklyn a couple of years ago. You may remember that BSA was one of the first to interview them as they prepared for their first show in New York and they were getting acclimated to the streets here. We’ve been able to see the work evolve and the artists discovery the city and the people here in their process and it is gratifying to watch.

Today we have two brand new videos of Icy and Sot to present on BSA Film Friday – one about them and one by them.

First, let’s see New York through the eyes of the artists themselves as they take in the mechanized and sometimes callous quality of the buzzing street life in New York.  With rather poignant storytelling, the brothers focus on the ability of the brutal crowd to rush by and overlook the guy in the margins. As immigrants in this city of immigrants and this nation of immigrants it is not surprising that they know how to poetically depict the utter aloneness of being in currents of an ocean.

Icy and Sot by Dan Perez Films

“Wish” by Jorge Rodriguez-Gerarda

“For the 2013 Ulster Bank Belfast International Festival at Queen’s, Cuban-American Artist, Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada, has created WISH, a portrait of an anonymous local girl photographed by the artist in the process of making a pure and simple wish for the future. Spanning an 11 acre site in Belfast’s Titanic Quarter, the photographic image of this girl – made of topsoil, sand, grass and stones – can be seen from various locations around Belfast. This innovative public artwork pushes boundaries and uses cutting edge technologies, making it one of the most ambitious land art projects in the world.”

– from the official press release.

Buenos Aires Street Art Part 1

A bit of insight into the Buenos Aires scene, the heavy influence of murals now in some cities and the state of commercialism and television where it intersects with it all. (via CosmoArteTV)


Buenos Aires Street Art Part 2.

The Lurkers in NYC

Who knew? The Lurkers were here in the BK and nobody even told us! Figures. They only hang out with rich kids and models, two of New York’s primary crops these days. Nice zen-like Fischerspooner early 2000s inflected soundtrack for the slow-mo, bro.