HDL has Rainbows, Butterflies, Razorwire

A quick check with Detroit’s Hygenic Dress League, the conceptual Street Art duo who brought rainbows, butterflies and semi automatic weapons to Oakland and the tropical islands of Hawaii this August. As always, the messages are intentionally mixed, and particularly when viewed through chain linked fencing topped with razor wire in Oakland, the scrambling of transmissions is pleasantly disturbing.


HDL in Oakland. Detail. (photo © Steve Coy)

Soon the leaves will be falling and the hottest Fall ’13 looks will be ready for you to buy. In this high-security retail environment, HDL’s militarized and sexy guard could be handling a dangerous “situation” or is just directing you to a nearby sales rack of fall fashions in this tough and trendy boutique. Perhaps it is HDL’s concept of an idyllic shopping paradise for consumers that conveniently is also a high security prison to keep you safe from outside danger. Hope they take credit cards.


HDL in Oakland. (photo © Steve Coy)


HDL in Hawaii. (photo © Steve Coy)


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