Barbara Kruger and “The End of Roe”

As America’s corporately-funded liberal establishment has been busy policing everyone on identity politics to distract from the fact that they’re otherwise actively inactive, Barbara Kruger has remained focused on the steady, studied moves of the right. Fifty years of building a legislative, legal, and lethal framework for reclaiming the country for the original power-holders eventually pays off. And if these folks are now abusing that power in the Supreme Court, Barbara Kruger is not surprised.

As the leak was circulating this spring in advance of the Roe v Wade reversal with Dobbs, the American artist, activist, and sometimes street artist was offered an opportunity to publish an op-art piece in the May 13, 2022 issue of the New York Times. In effect, her position is that the left should have seen this coming long ago but was lost in the weeds, playing a profoundly faulty strategy. Yes, it’s finger-pointing at its best – and in some way, it may prove constructive going forward. Perhaps its obvious to say now, but someone was asleep at the wheel.

The NYT published this artwork as well, along with these words from Ms. Kruger on its Instagram @NYTOpinion page:

“The end of Roe is the result of the Republicans’ relentless campaign to restrict reproductive rights and control women’s bodies. Many Democrats have been incapable of responding forcefully, and only recently has the left begun to understand that the contestations around gender, race, and class have to be engaged simultaneously and not siloed into rigid hierarchies of concern. This lack of compelling rhetoric and the inability to vote and think strategically has tragically informed the make-up of the current Supreme Court.” -Barbara Kruger

Barbara Kruger’s first solo exhibition at David Zwirner Gallery is now open to the general public. Click HERE for details.