Klub7 from Berlin to Brooklyn (VIDEO)

The best way to enjoy New York is to plunge in! Holding back is for amateurs. Just try to see and taste and hear and touch as much of the ever-churning smorgasbord as you can. This spring members of the Berlin Street Art collective KLUB7 helped themselves to the New York buffet and exhausted themselves with artmaking as the rode their bikes through most of Brooklyn’s neighborhoods and a few in Manhattan too, delving directly into the street life and meeting its people. The centerpiece was a lively and entertaining show at Brooklyn’s Pandemic gallery and while they prepared for it they also managed to squeeze in as much adventure outside as possible.

Klub 7 making the Berlin/Brooklyn connection. (video still © Klub7)

This BSA debut video is a an excellent road trip through the city as it continues to create it’s own new beats and continues to stay dirty old New York.

Klub 7 mural in Bushwick 5 Points. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Klub7 really likes doodling with chalk. (video still © Klub7)

Klub7 created this colorful mural in Bushwick (video still © Klub7)

Klub7  (video still © Klub7)

Klub7. (video still © Klub7)