Isaac Cordal : New Cement Guys in Galicia, Spain

Isaac Cordal,  “Survivor 1” (photo © Isaac Cordal)

Street Artist and sculptor Isaac Cordal installed new work on a recent visit to his native town of Galicia in Spain. As much a project about photography as sculpture, it is an illuminating trip to follow his little grey men while they interact with the world. With his impeccable sense of placement and capture, instant storylines emerge just because of their context. Vulnerable, engaging, sometimes pessimistic, or quietly reflective, Cordal’s cement vignettes always look like these cement fellows are caught in the middle of a stream of activity they didn’t quite elect. Ultimately, the impact lies in the artists imagination, and yours.

Here are exclusive images of the new work for BSA readers (along with our witty and insightful captions).

“He seems to be a soft-spoken, measured leader, with a solid vision for the future.”  Isaac Cordal, “Survivor 2” (photo © Isaac Cordal)

“Interesting, we may have a discovered a blind spot in the system, which otherwise seems to be on track for the year-over-year returns. ” Isaac Cordal, “Survivor 3” (photo © Isaac Cordal)

“Going forward, I’m optimistic about 3rd Quarter earnings, despite a rising tide of negative indicators”. Isaac Cordal, “Titanic 1” (photo © Isaac Cordal)

“You guys go ahead, I’ll be right there. I just want to check some messages.” Isaac Cordal, “Titanic 2” (photo © Isaac Cordal)

“On second thoughts, those environmental regulations were a good idea. Sorry.” Isaac Cordal, “Mutant” (photo © Isaac Cordal)