Post No Bills Gallery Presents: Paul Insect “Triptease Revue” (Venice Beach, CA)

Paul Insect


Post No Bills Announces

Paul Insect Triptease Revue

November 3rd – December 1st, 2011

 In celebration of the show, the gallery will host

 An Opening Reception on Thursday, November 3rd from 7-10 PM

Venice Beach, CA (October 2011) – Post No Bills proudly announces Paul Insect’s first major US solo exhibition.  The show will feature an ambitious breadth of original works on paper, from one of street arts seminal figures.

TRIPTEASE REVUE will feature unique originals, exclusive limited edition prints and hand-finished works in Insect’s visceral style, mixing bright colors and arresting imagery – blending sex, politics, death and pop culture themes with a satirical edge.

The show will introduce a new body of work featuring masked voyeurs, explicit thematic paintings, plus signature babyheads, and a wide array of other sensory surprises.  TRIPTEASE REVUE represents a new stage in the evolution of Insect’s art.

Paul started the renowned design collective “Insect” in 1995.  He quickly found himself outgrowing the design industry and began placing his work on the streets. 2003 saw his first show “The Hills Have Eyes”, and in 2007, Paul exhibited at the famed Pictures On Walls (POW) Christmas show “Santa’s Ghetto” in Bethlehem, which saw him paint alongside Banksy and other POW artists on the separation wall in Palestine.  Insect also gained notoriety for creating definitive album artwork for San Francisco hip-hop producer DJ Shadow.

“Bullion”, Paul’s first major solo show in 2007 at the Lazarides Gallery, saw him inconspicuously place real gold bars with bite marks on the streets of London. Before the show opened, Damien Hirst reportedly spent £500,000 buying up the entire show. His breakout follow-up show, “Poison” with Lazarides in 2008, took place in an abandoned sex shop in London’s Kings Cross and featured his iconic bronze Playboy Bunny skulls and his beloved babyheads – which have become some of the most recognisable images on the streets today.