Tony’s Gallery Presents: Burning Candy “Fight Fire With Fire” (London, UK)

Burning Candy
brooklyn-street-art-burning-candy-tonys-gallery-4BURNING CANDY
Fight Fire with Fire
8th July – 25th August
Preview: 7th July

Fighting & Happiness, can they really go together? Well Chris Eubank used to talk about ‘the art of fighting’ and the cat & mouse scenerio endured by Police Departments and Graffiti Crews worldwide might just prove they can. Whilst London’s 2012 Olympics may appear to offer healthy competition, harking back to pitting one individual City or Country against each other, Burning Candy sense this one could be rigged and the only answer is to “Fight Fire With Fire.” The need to strike out or rise above conflict in a recreational sense is something that Burning Candy feel compelled to do. Their Art like most sporting events is defined by it’s location. Take the River Lea host to many a BC production, this may become more of an arena than the Olympic Stadium that it runs alongside. Burning Candy are coming indoors for a moment to take stock before the fight really begins…

68 Sclater st | London |E1 6HR
0203 5565201