Blowing Up a Tag : Gary Stubelick Lights the Street On Fire

Using sparklers and an open shutter, artist Gary Stubelick creates glowing panegyrics to light up the urban night. The Boston based creative director has been exploring the fine art of time and light for a few decades and creates incandescent odes to hot summer nights in the city with his interpretation of mundane features of the urban landscape.

A time lapse photographer since 1973, the artist “paints” objects discarded, overlooked and discovered with sparklers, incandescent tungsten, and highway flares, giving them shooting star status, if just temporarily. This public art art is less than ephemeral – it only existed briefly and linearly, with it’s layers collected here and displayed as one perfect moment.

brooklyn-street-art-gary-stubelick-urban-frontier-webBlowing up a tag and this messengers’ bike while he’s inside delivering a pizza.  “Urban Frontier” (photo © Gary Stubelick)

“The idea behind the shot was to combine the renegade nature of graffiti with the explosive energy of pyro. I utilized ballistic sparklers to achieve the splattered paint effect. The bike is a Schwinn Frontier mountain bike which accounts for the title, ” says Stubelick.

brooklyn-street-art-gary-stubelick-urban-frontier- Fire-Hydrant-web

The humble fire hydrant is set ablaze. Gary Stubelick “Fire Hydrant #7” (photo © Gary Stubelick)

brooklyn-street-art-gary-stubelick-urban-frontier- Target-Glass-web

Gary Stubelick “Target Glass” (photo © Gary Stubelick)

brooklyn-street-art-gary-stubelick-urban-frontier- Firebird-web

Gary Stubelick “Firebird” (photo © Gary Stubelick)

brooklyn-street-art-gary-stubelick-urban-frontier- Urban-Volcano-web

Transforming a mound into a rumbling mountain of bubbling lava. Gary Stubelick “Urban Volcano” (photo © Gary Stubelick)

brooklyn-street-art-gary-stubelick-urban-frontier- Fire-Balls-web

Gary Stubelick “Fire Balls” (photo © Gary Stubelick)

To see more of Mr. Stubelick’s work click on the link below: