A Painted, Foldable House on Wheels for the Homeless?

With the help of French Street Artist 3TTMAN, a social fundraising/art/tshirt project in Spain called The N-spired Story Project built a homeless shelter. 3TTMAN is one of the first artists for this project, and the design of the house is super cool.


Image courtesy © The N-spired Story

The foldable painted concept house on wheels is playfully offered as a possible solution to shelter the homeless and is colorfully striped and patterned. Did you ever see those red tents that homeless people in Paris have been living in thanks to the “Children of Don Quixote”? According to the Wikipedia page on the red-tent project, “the NGO Médecins du monde (MDM) had taken the initiative, in 2005, to give tents to all homeless people in Paris, in order to provide them with minimal privacy and to make misery visible.”

Dude, one time the Fire Department kicked everybody out of our building, which happens periodically in artist-settled buildings in Brooklyn because building codes are not even a consideration when you are building your fantasy chicken shack inside an old factory for art shows and performances and seances and what-not. Everybody had to find a new couch to sleep on pronto!  But that’s only temporary homelessness, and not completely dire like a lot of people’s situations.

In artist communities like those in Williamsburg, Bushwick, and Greenpoint Brooklyn, grassroots non-profit non-corporate collectives and groups have been doing projects together for years that involve community, collaboration, joint action, and art.  Street Artist Swoon used the power of community organizing and planning to hatch an idea for building the “Konbit Shelter” project in Haiti. 100% grassroots, that sustainable building project raised funds from donors and Swoon was instrumental in the conception and construction of those shelters. Currently she is working on similar community-based projects for displaced persons.

It’s uplifting and spirit-raising to see these N-spired projects pop up seemingly out of nowhere based on goodwill. According to the website of the company that created it, the project is part of a PR/marketing campaign in the “Social” space, perhaps for clients like those listed on their site. According to the materials on the site, a percentage of proceeds from this project go to charity.

If you wish to learn more about the project The N-spired Story click on the link below: