Ludo: Street Art In The Paris Metro

Street Artist Ludo plays with Parisian’s perceptions of commerce, art, and technology.

brooklyn-street-art-ludo-dyptich-4-10-11-webLudo (photo © Ludo)

“The whole inspiration for this series is co-branding – but also nanotechnology: Nature transformed into pills of amphetamine,” says the artist.

brooklyn-street-art-ludo-dyptich-5-10-11-webLudo (photo © Ludo)

Simple elegant silhouettes of acid green and grey glow garishly with fluorescence in a colorless sterile hallway. The repetition of uniform shape, line and hue are interrupted by biomorphic Franken-plants that invite the closer inspection of rushed metro riders.

brooklyn-street-art-ludo-dyptich-1-10-11-webLudo (photo © Ludo)

Like his bus shelter signs above ground, these new pieces appropriate the cool omnipotent detachment of megabrands, making them just that much easier to ignore. The quantity unmeasured is what slips into the subconcious as people trample by. Ludo is refining his own brand of pleasing queasiness.

brooklyn-street-art-ludo-dyptich-3-10-11-webLudo (photo © Ludo)

brooklyn-street-art-ludo-dyptich-7-10-11-webLudo (photo © Ludo)

brooklyn-street-art-ludo-dyptich-8-10-11-webLudo (photo © Ludo)