17 Frost Gallery Presents: Erik Burke And Cahil Muraguh “This Land Is My Land” (Brooklyn, NY)

17 Frost Gallery

This Land Is My Land
Erik Burke & Cahil Muraghu
Opening Friday, October 8th between 7 – 11pm

Burke and Muraghu’s collaborations are vivid representation of the American landscape. The show’s title, This Land is My Land, taken from Woody Guthrie’s landmark song, embodies the artists’ intent behind both the work and their own lifestyle. Guthrie describes the disenfranchised American staking a hypothetical claim to the landscape, reiterating native American concepts of land ownership. Their work inspired by the New York City graffiti movement and the Hudson River school not only attempts to document the American experience, but lay claim, even if only for a moment, to enlivening our relationship to the landscape through abstraction.

Gallery Hours
Fri, Sat, & Sun, 3:00pm – 7:00pm or by appointment.

17 Frost St.
Brooklyn, NY