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Aakash Nihalini and Rion Harmon Present: Zebadiah Keneally “Your Reflection” at 17 Frost Gallery (Brooklyn, NYC)

Brooklyn Street A



The first show in the summer series comes from Brooklyn’s own Zebadiah Keneally ( Hailed as a “Keith Haring for the 21st Century,” Keneally brings his existential humor to the walls of 17 Frost with his first solo show entitled, “Your Reflection.” His work uses provocative, archetypal symbolism to shed light on the offbeat problems of contemporary people. 

Through a street art inspired visual style and a combination wordplay and pop culture imagery, Keneally creates a visual language of high farce, guiding viewers to meditate on the mysteries of perception, time, place and lunch.

 Opening reception is this Friday, May 3rd from 7-10pm at 17 Frost Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211.

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Friday Night it’s “The Brooklyn” A Photograpy Exhibition of the Street

A new photography show that captures the street in the borough you love organized by Jim Kiernan and Aakash Nihalani.

Opening tonight at 17 Frost Gallery in Williamsburg, “The Brooklyn” features photography by Barry Yanowitz, Chris Arnade, Jaime Rojo, Jake Dobkin, Jamel Shabazz, Jim Kiernan, Lucas McGowen, Luna Park, Mario Brotha, Matt Weber, Sam Horine, and Timothy Schenck.

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The organization of celestial coincidences by Jason Mamarella. (Brooklyn, NYC)

The final viewing of the organization of celestial coincidences by Jason Mamarella is Saturday, March 30, 2013, from 7 to 10 pm. A small number of limited edition books are still available ( ) . with Special Guests : Dint Wooer Krsna, Street Grapes, & Jos-L. Peru Ana Ana Peru will be screening movies in the theater. at 17 Frost Street Gallery, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. L train to Lorimer. More info at

the organization of celestial coincidences ends.

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Fumero Presents: “In Your Face” At 17 Frost Gallery (Brooklyn, NY)

brooklyn-street-art-fumero-17-frost-galleryARTIST RECEPTION/Opening:SATURDAY​ 8/13: 7-10pm. Fumero’s Iconic faces, TSLogo art, T-shirts, prints & more. Special presentation of “The “Table Series” paintings, landscapes and the original “Grandpa”. Serving wine and hors d’oeuvres. Open and Free to the public. AFTER PARTY & music by ONDA SKILLET 10pm-2am. Come CELEBRATE the “art” of having a GOOD-NRG time. Show/exhibit will run for 4 weeks until 9-10-11. This event is an ART AFTER DARK -FUMERO funded- PRODUCTION.

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Fun Friday 07.22.11


Our Fun Friday Stories today:

2. The Pantheon Catalog Release Party: Saturday in Brooklyn
3. Alexander Calder Mobile interactive banner on Google Today
4. Kid Acne “Kill Your Darlings”
5. Dalek and Greg Lamarche “Geometric Balance” at Show and Tell (Toronto)
6. NOMADE “Recent Artifacts” @ Hold Up (LA)
7. Bomb the Intersection (VIDEO)
8. An Insightful Look at NATURE with The Honey Badger (nasty word alert) (VIDEO)


“Outer Bourough” opens tonight at 17 Frost in Williamsburg, Brooklyn @ 6:00 pm. Dude has been kickin’ it and the work shows it too.


For more information regarding this show click on the link below:

The Pantheon Catalog Release Party: Saturday in Brooklyn

About a year ago Daniel Feral told us about this idea he had for a show at the Donnell Library across from MOMA to draw attention to the history of graff and Street Art in New York. It seemed like a pretty vast undertaking at the time, and in fact, the project gradually and quickly ballooned and incorporated much of the community and helped capture this moment in history as well as give perspective to the evolution that preceded it. With partner Joyce Manolo and a cast of hundreds, Mr. Feral has taken a deep dive and produced a tome that will be used for reference for years to come, along with his own diagrammatic explanation of the evolution of Graffiti and Street Art in the context of other 20th Century art movements.


This 426-page catalog is a hybrid of scholarly journal, popular magazine, and graff zine. 33 artists from the 1970s through today tell their own histories, in their own words and pictures, while local writers and photographers give an overview of the cultural milieu. The catalog includes a dedication to Rammellzee by Charlie Ahearn, essay on the Feral Diagram by Daniel Feral, and Street Art in the 2000s by Steven P. Harrington with photographs by Jaime Rojo, in addition to 20 essays, 20 interviews and over 400 images from the efforts of over 30 individuals.

Date: Saturday, July 23, 2011 6-8PM (RSVP Only)
Where: Do or Dine @ 1108 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11216
Between Lexington Avenue & Quincy Street

Alexander Calder Mobile interactive banner on Google Today

To celebrate the artists’ birthday today, the Calder Foundation has a very cool interactive mobile that behaves in the way one of his originals do.


Read more about Alexander Calder here

Kid Acne “Kill Your Darlings”

Celebrating his first solo show in his hometown, Kid Acne will be killing it at Sheffield: Millenium Gallery.


The launch night is Friday July 22nd to coincide with the “free for all” music festival, Tramlines – to which, you are all invited.

For more information regarding this show click on the link below:
Kid Acne is also participating in “Street Art Saved My Life: 39 New York Stories” in LA opening August 12.

“I thought you might like to see this promo video for my exhibition, Kill Your Darlings” ~ Kid Acne

Dalek and Greg Lamarche “Geometric Balance” at Show and Tell (Toronto)


“Geometric Balance” At Show and Tell Gallery. 7:00 pm, Toronto, Canada:

For more information regarding this show click on the link below:

NOMADE “Recent Artifacts” @ Hold Up (LA)


NOMADE “Recent Artifacts” @ Hold Up Art Gallery. Saturday at 7:00 PM in Los Angeles

For more information regarding this show click on the link below:

Bomb the Intersection (VIDEO)

An Insightful Look at NATURE with The Honey Badger (nasty word alert) (VIDEO)

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Fun Friday 02.25.11


BREAKING: Nick Walker New Work in Brooklyn This Morning!

The BK’s British Brotha Debuts a New Character

brooklyn-street-art-nick-walker-jaime-rojo-02-11Nick Walker (Photo © Jaime Rojo)

While Nick Walker is in town hitting up all kinds of fancy, he spent a little time with BSA to make this new stencil in The People’s Republic of Brooklyn, above. Coming from the printers to check on the progress of the new release tomorrow (see below), Nick and his merry cluster of “assistants” rolled through the BK to poke his head into a couple of windows. Full process pics and the installation come up Sunday on BSA’s Images of the Week.


Nick Walker (Photo © Jaime Rojo)


Nick Walker will be releasing a print in collaboration with Opera Gallery, 115 Spring Street, New York, this Saturday, February 26th, 2011 at 3pm EST. A lottery has been set up making 50 prints available for collectors in the UK. In order to apply for a print please email with New York TMA lottery in the subject box.

Nick Walker’s “Morning After New York” print release at Opera Gallery Tomorrow at 3:00 p.m.

The print will be a signed limited edition of 150 with 18 hand-finished Artists proofs.

Royce Bannon Catches Unusual Suspects at 17 Frost Tomorrow


Check out Abe Lincoln Jr. Celso, Chris RWK, Darkclouds, Infinity, Keely, Matt Siren, Moody, Nose Go, and Sno Monster, all curated by monster man Royce Bannon at this eclectic show in Brooklyn Saturday night. Read more and see images from the show HERE:

Please Support the Pantheon Show Across from the MoMA in April


This spring at the former Donnell New York Public Library across the street from MoMA Joyce Manalo and Daniel Feral will bring you PANTHEON: A History of Art From the Streets of NYC. This artist’s initiative is a 40 year history of New York Street Art told by the people who actually did the work. Run with volunteers, this show promises an erudite assessing of this moment in the timeline, and a look at how we got this far – and daily demonstrations in the windows. With your pledge to their Kickstarter campaign they will be able to afford to print catalogues and mount the show. Please throw them a buck! Click Here to see their KickStarter.


Daniel already has been mocking up the catalog, which will contain extensive interviews, writing, and photographs! Your support will get it printed! Click on the link below to go to their KickStarter and pledge your donation to help them see this project through.

Featured Writers

  • Alex Emmart
  • Ali Ha
  • Adam VOID
Featured Interviewers

  • Monica Campana
  • Jennifer Diamond
  • Becki Fuller
  • Katherine Lorimer
Featured Photographers

  • Jake Dobkin
  • Sam Horine
  • Alan Ket
  • Luna Park & Becki Fuller

Brick Lane Art: The Other Side


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“Unusual Suspects” at 17 Frost : Art, Friendship and Collaboration

Street Art can be a very singular activity, and if you desire, you can do your own thing without ever hanging with the crew. Royce Bannon has never been interested in the Lone Wolf approach, preferring to work with friends on projects. In fact, as part of the Endless Love Crew, he brought about the big “Work to Do” show in Soho a couple of years ago with a truckload of mostly New York Street Artists, all working collaboratively to pull off one of the most lively freeze-frames of the current scene, without attitude.


Royce Bannon and Dark Clouds (photo © Jaime Rojo)

For “Unusual Suspects”, opening Saturday,  the curator and artist invited some of these same artists to this nice open community space in Williamsburg with one important requirement; They all needed to collaborate on a piece with a least one artist in the show.

When asked why he wanted the artists to collaborate he explained that a lot of them work together in many shows but most of them have not painted together on a single piece. In a collaboration you are more cognizant of the working style of the other, and, while not losing your own identity, you are part of a conversation. The resulting work is something entirely different from what either one could have produced solo. The process here involved passing the work back and forth over a period of time with each artist adding his or her contribution. Instructed Royce “Do what you want – just make it look good!”


Chris RWK and Matt Siren (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Most of these names are seen on the street and it is always interesting to see how the work translate to the framed pieces on gallery walls. Included in this offering are a number of individual pieces that span a wide range of styles and one can clearly see these Street Artists going forward in their personal explorations.

“Unusual Suspects”At 17 Frost Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn opens this Saturday, February 26.


Deekers, Celso, Infinity and Stikman (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Keely and Dark Clouds  (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Moody and Sno Monster (left) Chris RWK (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Infinity (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Dark Clouds (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Keely (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Matt Siren (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Mutz/Moody (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Nose Go  (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Royce Bannon (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Celso, Keely and Mutz collaborate on the scaffolding outside the gallery (photo © Jaime Rojo)


A detail view of the front facade of the gallery (photo © Jaime Rojo)


A detail view of the front facade of the gallery (photo © Jaime Rojo)

To read more details about “Unusual Suspects” click on the link below:

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17 Frost Gallery Presents: The Infamous Dint Wooer Krsna Solo Show (Brooklyn, NY)

17 Frost Gallery

the Infamous dint wooer krsna Solo art Exhibition at 17 Frost Gallery. with a live performance by The Phonometricians on Cosmic Fire, & street art photography by Diana Trent. opening reception is December 4th (7-10pm) & runs until January 8th. 17 Frost Street (between Union & Lorimer), Williamsburg, Brooklyn. L train to Lorimer, G train to Metropolitan, or B48 bus to Frost Street. for more information please visit:

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17 Frost Gallery Presents: Erik Burke And Cahil Muraguh “This Land Is My Land” (Brooklyn, NY)

17 Frost Gallery

This Land Is My Land
Erik Burke & Cahil Muraghu
Opening Friday, October 8th between 7 – 11pm

Burke and Muraghu’s collaborations are vivid representation of the American landscape. The show’s title, This Land is My Land, taken from Woody Guthrie’s landmark song, embodies the artists’ intent behind both the work and their own lifestyle. Guthrie describes the disenfranchised American staking a hypothetical claim to the landscape, reiterating native American concepts of land ownership. Their work inspired by the New York City graffiti movement and the Hudson River school not only attempts to document the American experience, but lay claim, even if only for a moment, to enlivening our relationship to the landscape through abstraction.

Gallery Hours
Fri, Sat, & Sun, 3:00pm – 7:00pm or by appointment.

17 Frost St.
Brooklyn, NY

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