Shepard Speaks to you on the Street, On Video, On Radio

As President Obama comes to New York this morning, some people are suggesting that he is actually coming to see the new Shepard Fairey wall on Houston Street, rather than a 3 blocks north at Cooper Union to speak about Financial Reform on Wall Street.

You can catch some more cool “on the scene” pics from Becki Fuller on The Street Spot HERE.

And listen to Shepard Fairy’s interview on WNYC with Brian Lehrer yesterday.  And a furtherance of the interview on video here:

And Big Ups to Animal New York for this funny interview with Shepard Fairy on Houston Street a couple nights ago, where he addresses Guantanamo, Obama, campaign finance reform, and how the Banksy movie was marketed and is received.

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Watch out kids – Shepard uses swear words in some of these answers.


Additional on the street interview: