NYC Subway Etiquette? – Unheard Of!

Thanks to a recently begun campaign, you may not have your fanny fondled by a creep on the L Train. And you may not have to listen to “All My Single Ladies” ever again through somebody’s CHEAP-O earbuds.


Well, maybe that’s wishful thinking.

Hundreds of MTA-impersonating posted flyers are appearing in the subway advocating basic etiquette that doesn’t seem to occur to everyone on the New York City subways.  According to the creator: “I surveyed 100 people on their top pet-peeves (not service related) while riding the Subway. I narrowed the results down to the top ten most occurring issues and rewrote them as a sort of list of rules. I designed posters in the style of the Service Changes posters we see everyday and silkscreened about 40 of each (400 total)…

Read more at our source for good etiquette, ANIMAL NEW YORK (and thank them for it)