Dan Witz Donates “Dark Doings” to Do Just the Opposite

Dan Witz has been painting for just over 3 decades since moving from Chicago to New York to study, and he has both a healthy fine art career and has garnered a wide swath of respect for his work on the street. In the piece Dan donated to the auction, it is evident why.

A realist, Dan seeks ways to master space and light with his work – as a street artist over many years, Dan has toyed with the obvious parts of the urban environment that you normally stroll by unthinkingly, subverting normal expectation.  Part of the “Dark Doings” series he began on the street last year, this piece snaps you out of your daily doze as you walk by it affixed to a steel door.

“Did I just see that?”

What lurks there on just the other side of the window is disturbing, and you may need to become involved.

Brooklyn-Street Art-DAN_WITZ_NEW-Directory-Street-Art-New-York-Silent-Auction_

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