NohJ Lights Up at “East Williamsburg” show at Eastern District

Here’s a sneak peak at a brand new piece by NohJColey for tomorrow nights show at Eastern District. It’s called “every maveRick meets it’s match”.

If you flick this lighter you’ll see all the diseases and ailments that come from smoking cigarettes – cataracts, gangrene, loss of hearing…  “I don’t think everyone makes a connection sometimes between seeing people who are ill and smoking cigarettes,” says NohJ

Click here to see a simple low-res video demo of using the lighter to illuminate the piece

Friday the show “East Williamsburg” opens at Eastern District (in Bushwick)

Eastern District Gallery Presents: “East Williamsburg”  with new work by CA$H 4, JUAN DOE, JIM KIERNAN, LUCAS MCGOWEN, NOHJCOLEY AND POSTER BOY