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Tehran To NYC / NYC To Tehran, Curated by Icy & Sot

Iranian Brothers Generate Cultural Exchange Between Two Homes Icy & Sot, the Iranian Street Artists who have been making their mark on the New York scene for just two years are again making news by curating a gallery show that introduces Iran and the US to one another through the visual vernacular of Street Art. […]

Fun Friday 07.08.11

OverUnder & IRGH – BRAND NEW VIDEO Directed by Dan Gingold To start your weekend dancing, OverUnder and IRGH rocked a couple walls – that go swirling by in this quick and dancey video. More please! AIKO “Unstoppable Waves” in Amsterdam At Andenken Gallery, Brooklyn Street Artist Aiko will open her new show on Sunday. […]

Wish #4: Gilf

For 11 days we’re presenting 11 artists and BSA readers and their wishes for the new year, 2011, in no particular order. Together, they are a tiny snapshot of the people who are creators and fans of street art. Individually, each has added their expression of the creative spirit to the year now ending. Today’s […]

Stencils of the Week 09.25.10

As chosen by Samantha Longhi of Stencil History X
featuring Icy, Les Enfants Terribles (LET), and TMX2