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Fun Friday 12.16.11

  1. Play a New Holiday Video Game from Chris Uphues – “Holiday Jingle Rocket” 2. “Rezolution”, a group show at Hive Gallery Tonight (Phoenix, AZ) 3. “Paranormal Hallucinations” at Pandemic (Brooklyn, Yo!) (Saturday) 4. David Choe and DVS1 for Nuart 11 (VIDEO) 5. “Images of the Year 2011” From Brooklyn Street Art (Video) 6. […]

Purth in Minneapolis, “What Kind of Woman Are You?”

Street Artist Purth relies on her intuition when scouting walls to spread out on, favoring wide open spaces and sweeping vistas, in basically unknown or forgotten locations.  Deeply connected to her pieces, her imaginative backstories for them, and the process of creating, Purth confidently claims space on a wall without necessarily covering every inch. In […]

“Images of the Year 2011” From Brooklyn Street Art (VIDEO)

It’s been an excellent year for Street Art all over the world and we’ve had the pleasure of seeing a lot of great stuff from big names to the anonymous. Eye popping, brain-teasing, challenging, entertaining, aspirational and inspirational – it’s all happening at once.  We’ve been walking the streets, meeting the artists, going to shows, […]

Street Artist Purth Takes “The Deleras” Cross Country

This kind of internal migration is not unusual for a painter in search of something however the actual physical distance run, with it’s long spaces of time and travel in between, is. It’s also something that Street Artists around the globe are setting a new standard for by completing installations in towns and cities around the globe much like a campaign. In her dog-eared travelogue, Purth carries ruddy hued people from her fluid imagination and raises them amidst abandoned rubble; high enough to be seen from a distance.