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BSA Images Of The Week: 07.20.14

  Here’s our weekly interview with the street, this week featuring 907 Crew, Ainac, Aero, Afrodoti Galazios, Blanco, Bleeps, Cash4, Daek, Dasic, Elbow-Toe, Fecks, Icy & Sot, IDT Crew, Mike Makatron, Miss 17, Mr. Penfold, Overunder, Seth, Sheryo, Smells, Sonni, Sweet Toof, The Yok, Tripel, UFO 907, Wolftits, and You Go Girl!. Top Image >> [...]

Paint a Mural on My House : Overunder With Baton Rouge Youth

“I try to create these open-ended situations with a loose play of abstract iconography to allow various interpretations. My interpretations alone change overtime, which I enjoy, so it makes sense to me to not be too didactic in my public work,” says OverUnder about his work and we can swear by it! For this piece [...]

Opiatic Overunder Gives You Poppies in Cleveland

As we enter into the languid sweaty city summer of your dreams and the cloud of concrete dust and carbon dioxide kicked up by passing cars settles onto your dewey skin, it’s time to spend a few hours with aerosol cans on a wall. Overunder “Pop and Poppy”. Sinclair CU (photo © Overunder) “It’s been [...]

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