Brooklyn Street Art

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BSA Images Of The Week: 07.26.15 Rochester Special

It’s not all about the murals! A sacrilegious thing to say perhaps, especially on a Sunday, especially when we are in town to see fresh new murals at the Wall\Therapy festival in Rochester. But none of the artists will take us to task because everyone knows that the roots of Street Art and graffiti are […]

OverUnder in LA and Vegas ; Faith, Family, and Gambling

OverUnder recently traveled to Las Vegas and LA to do some mural commissions for a large brand and he tells us he was having a bit of guilt for selling his soul to the devil to pay the bills. That was eased by the coolness of the employees he worked with, he says. But regardless […]

OverUnder in Seattle: Peculiar Portraits & Mural for “Urban Artworks”

Reno averages 114 cloudy days per year.  Seattle is about twice that number. Can you blame Overunder for moving to Reno? Despite the endless days of gray, Seattle’s pretty nice to live in, according to many. The economy is fueled by the high tech industry and is also one of the most progressive cities socially, […]

Overunder: Key In Search Of A Home

Heading out to Nevada today to check out a mural on the plains that honors a cattle rancher and a freight-jumping graff legend cowboy as well. You may not think they have much in common but have you ever considered a cattle brand is essentially the same as a graffiti tag? Or corporate logo? The […]

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