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BSA Images Of The Week: 07.24.16

“Vote for the one candidate who does not need this job,” intoned one of the many speakers who are receiving a trust fund from DJ Trump this week at the RNC convention. That’s convincing, isn’t it? Blonde Women’s Lives Matter. Make America Salem Again. I am the Law. The Donald didn’t let us down again […]

BSA Images Of The Week: 07.10.16

For this Sunday’s edition of BSA Images Of The Week we have decided to publish one image only. It’s a brand new piece and is a portrait of an anonymous African-American man painted by Street Artist Overunder and wheat-pasted somewhere on the streets of Brooklyn. “It’s a portrait of an anonymous black man. So it very […]

Overunder Searching for Gold in Northern Nevada

“It’s refreshing to work in a very un-urban environment especially when making what is commonly called Street Art,” says OverUnder as he gazes across the gruff and patchy terrain here in northern Nevada. The heterogeneous topography includes plateaus, mountain ranges, and dry basins – and many mines that produce about 80% of the gold in […]

OverUnder: “My Sentiments Abstractly” Opens in Oakland

A mark. That is all most of us can hope to make on the world, or even to get through it. The Celebrity Industrial Complex that is busily distracting us also routinely overlooks masses of beautiful people who are daily just trying to pay the rent, tend to their ill, worship their deity, grow their […]

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