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OverUnder in Seattle: Peculiar Portraits & Mural for “Urban Artworks”

Reno averages 114 cloudy days per year.  Seattle is about twice that number. Can you blame Overunder for moving to Reno? Despite the endless days of gray, Seattle’s pretty nice to live in, according to many. The economy is fueled by the high tech industry and is also one of the most progressive cities socially, […]

Overunder: Key In Search Of A Home

Heading out to Nevada today to check out a mural on the plains that honors a cattle rancher and a freight-jumping graff legend cowboy as well. You may not think they have much in common but have you ever considered a cattle brand is essentially the same as a graffiti tag? Or corporate logo? The […]

Graffiti Haven “American Flats” Slated for Destruction in Nevada

The news of the impending destruction of a primary spot for graffiti fans in Nevada has saddened a number of artists who have spent long hours painting and socializing at the former site of the American Flat Mill in Virginia City. According to the Reno Gazette-Journal in late October the Bureau of Land Management has […]

Freewill Gallery in New Yorks Military Bunker on the Beach

Exploring Fort Tilden National monuments are typically solemn places for reflection and remembrance. In the case of many decommissioned military installations across the world, the hidden parts of forts and bunkers are also serpentine galleries of freewill art shows. You may call it graffiti or you may call it a colossal explosion of creativity and […]

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