Joe Iurato Transending at “Living Walls : Albany”


Street Artist Joe Iurato went to church yesterday at St. Joseph’s in Albany, where a number of street artists have been putting together some great work this week. These pieces are floated in front of the walls, rather than painted directly on them out of respect for the original building, an the effect immediately makes the hallowed spaces of organized religion feel more relevant than seeing the Pope on a skateboard.


Explains Joe,  “Man, wait til you guys see this place. The architecture is magnificent and in a perfect state of decay. I’m not a very religious person, but I take a great interest in faith and trying to understand where it comes from. Every now and then there’s a moment where I truly get it – and I swear I catch a glimpse of something I’d otherwise tell you isn’t really there. That’s what this felt like to me,  and I felt completely privileged to put these pieces up. “

images © Joe Iurato