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BSA Images Of The Week: 11.29.15

Rounding out the Thanksgiving week here as people think back on what they have to be thankful for in New York and across the US. Despite the class war on the poor, near-weekly proof of systematic racism and extremism, gun violence that feels out of control, and 3 songs on the top ten by Justin […]

Faith47: “Aqua Regalia”, Mundane, Sacred

The mundane is made sacred in the full-wall alter created at the back of Jonathan Levine’s gallery for the first solo New York show by Faith47. Small collected ephemera is displayed in groupings of signs, cards, documents, family photos and hand painted works by the South African artist whose work on the street is large […]

BSA Images Of The Week: 11.22.15

Here’s our weekly interview with the street, this week featuring Carcioffola, Cern, City Kitty, COST, ENX, Invader, Isaac Cordal, Le Diamantarie, London Kaye, MSK Crew, Otto Osch, Sean 9 Lugo, Space Invader, Spaik, Stray Ones. Top image above >>> Invader’s new series of pieces in New York is a campaign to pay tribute to some […]

Nina Pandolfo in New York on a Wall for “Little Things”

In town for her solo show at Coburn Projects on the Lower East Side, Brazilian graffiti/Street Artist/fine artist Nina Pandolfo is determined to retain a childlike innocence on this wall outside of her show. Three wide eyed figures are preserved in an age of wonder, small creatures popping from ones mouth and pastel patterns softly […]

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