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BSA Images Of The Week: 08.02.15

Did you see the blue moon over New York Friday night? Looked to be more crimson actually. Welcome to August and the hot sticky band of dirty grit that comes with it. Escape from New York if you can, even if it is just on a lawn chair in a park. NYC parks have a […]

Barlo and Andrea Casciu and “The Dance” : Housing, Squatters, Art

Barlo and Andrea Casciu did a summertime mural project in Bologna last week as a metaphorical commentary on machinations and struggles happening during the current housing crisis in Italy. It is an awkward, tormented series of movements in concert with and against partners entitled “The Dance”. Barlo . Andrea Casciu. Bologna, Italy. July 2015. (photo […]

BSA Film Friday: 07.31.15

  Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. eL Seed in London 2. Amo-Te Lisboa: An Ignominious Street Art Movie (Trailer) 2015 3. Wall Therapy 2015: A Teaser 4. Face Time: Various & Gould in Berlin 5. Lurky Wolfpack: The Lurkers BSA Special […]

“Djerbahood” Book About Tunisian Open-Air Museum Of Street Art

It seems like we’ve talked to you about this great project before and undoubtedly you have heard of it, but we weren’t prepared to see the high-quality, visually succulent and densely compiled tome that arrived in the mail this spring commemorating Djerbahood. Djerbahood/Open-Air Museum Of Street Art. Mehdi Ben Cheikh. Editons Albin Michel. Paris 2015 […]

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