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BSA Film Friday 12.09.16

  Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. Mni Wiconi: The Stand At Standing Rock 2. Just Kids x Life Is Beautiful 3. “Nemco, Three Stages”: Primaticcio 4. RFK Mural Festival 2016 from Chop Em Down Films Mni Wiconi: The Stand At Standing […]

Flying Squirrels and Houston Toads : Louis Masai in Texas and Tennessee

Austin, Texas Austin is proud to plead, “Keep Austin Weird.” Street Artist Louis Masai felt like his recent visit to that Texas city was not the only part of the US that one could call weird – it was actually a place to seek refuge. “After the introduction to Chump and his band of merry […]

Miami Basel/Wynwood 2016 Wrap: Parade of Eye-Popping Beauty at a Portentous Time

An embarrassment of riches in so many ways, the Wynwood Street Art and mural scene is outrageously sexy, flashy, ugly, posey, pretty, proliferate and quizzically content-free. The annual outdoor urban art visual carnival that accompanies Art Basel in Miami is full of hi/low expectation and spectacle, and it confidently delivers on both. 1010. Goldman Global […]

Finland’s Formidable Multi-City “UPEA” Mural Festival

Finland joined the mural festival fray with some astounding and complex murals for UPEA this autumn. Created simultaneously in different cities, the festival soars with a large scale and with big international talents. Guido Van Helten from Australia painting in Helsinki. UPEA Festival 2016. Finland. (photo © courtesy of UPEA) Wisely, they included Finnish artists […]

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