Brooklyn Street Art

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BSA Film Friday: 04.24.15

Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. C215 and Caravaggio 2. East London Quick Tour of Street Art of : BUSH 3. Vinz: Feel Free Project  (NSFW) 4. Woozy in Athens: Moving Shadows BSA Special Feature: C215 In the Footsteps of His Favorite […]

SPECTER and Glowing Abstractions On Your Way Down into the Subway

Yes, you were expecting an ad. Maybe one from News Channel 3 and charming Chuck and beautiful Belinda and that wacky weather guy and the whole 6 O’clock News Team. Instead, you got a glowing abstraction, a few seconds of calm on your way down the stairs into the subway. Artists continue to take over […]

Toilet Seats and Mirrors : Gilf! and BAMN Create “TIXE” (VIDEO)

Urban exploring and sustainable art-making are not such strange relations in this new project by Gilf! and BAMN, two of the new socially conscious breed of Street Artists we continue to see. Known for her various installations of “Gentrification in Progress” tape across homes, businesses and cultural touchstones that are slated for destruction in favor […]

OverUnder in Seattle: Peculiar Portraits & Mural for “Urban Artworks”

Reno averages 114 cloudy days per year.  Seattle is about twice that number. Can you blame Overunder for moving to Reno? Despite the endless days of gray, Seattle’s pretty nice to live in, according to many. The economy is fueled by the high tech industry and is also one of the most progressive cities socially, […]

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