Brooklyn Street Art

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Two Miami Schools Enveloped in Murals : The RAW Project in Wynwood

Reimagining Art in Wynwood: The RAW Project. The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) received $148 million in 2016. The war budget, also called the “Defense Budget”, was approved for $582 billion for this year. For comparison’s sake, that means the “Defense Budget” is 3,900 times the size of the NEA. Paola Delfin at work on […]

“Sprout And Ruler”: Gola Hundun Nude In Abandoned Masonic Temple (VIDEO)

Street Artist Gola Hudun likes to get naked and frolic around abandoned old buildings making art. But then, who doesn’t? Gola Hundun for Artesano Project 2016 in The Dominican Republic. (photo © Mario Delgado) Here in San Pedro de Macoris in the Dominican Republic the Italian natural science alchemist was transfixed by the image of […]

BSA Images Of the Week: 01.22.17

Inauguration week was just as bumpy as you could have expected with an incredibly divided country discussing the outgoing president, the incoming president, the foreign interference and weird circumstances around the actual election, the nearly all white all billionaire cabinet nominees, and the Women’s March‘s that vastly overwhelmed Trumps ceremony attendee numbers while “sister” marches […]

MEGGS and Miya Welcome “Temple Children” to Hawai’i

New images and an interview today from Hawai’i with Melbourne native Street Artist David ‘MEGGS’ Hooke and his partner Miya Tsukazaki who together are envisioning the mural festival concept as something more holistic. Sam Yong. Temple Children 2016. Hilo, Hawaii. (photo © Cory Martin ) The Temple Children project is partially a reaction to the […]

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