Brooklyn Street Art

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BSA Film Friday: 10.09.15

  Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. Dale Grimshaw Heroically Celtic in Camden, London. 2. Zalez Surfs and Stencils a Goodbye to Summer in France. 3. Hama Woods and “Children of the Forest” 4. Zlatan as Jumping Jack back in His hometown […]

Fanakapan Bubble Letters Flying High in Bushwick, BK

The UK’s Fanakapan popped by Brooklyn for some balloon lettered mural painting recently, something he has been doing for about five years — when not painting cakes, sweets, and phallic shaped balloon creatures that spell out your name or initials. He calls his signature metal work a bit of nostalgia on acid and people have […]

Boijeot + Renauld Update : Rain, Wind, & Inquisitive Upper West Side

The French duo Boijeot & Renauld have logged one full week and three days of crossing Manhattan via Broadway. As you know they are embarking on an ambitious project where they intend to cross Manhattan with their living room, breakfast room and bedroom in tow. They started in Harlem on 125th Street and the last […]

Leanna Valente: “Instant Art Exposure” 1000’s of Instant Photos of NYC Graff/Street Artists

Today we want to shout out a photographer on the street and to ask you to support the KICKSTARTER for Leanna Valente’s very first book project. YOUR CHANCE TO GET ART and support her KICKSTARTER Pledge Leanna’s Kickstarter Right Now to get T-Shirts, Prints, and Hand Painted Originals from NYC and International Graffitti and […]

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