Brooklyn Street Art

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Scott Albrecht Mural Painting in Denver : A Family Affair

Brooklyn artist and designer Scott Albrecht usually works with collage or wood for his fine art of geometric patterning that hearken an arts and craft modernism of the 1970s. Now he has just completed a mural in Denver reprising his smaller works at a much larger scale – with a little help from the family. […]

X-O and Amanda Marie Go To Philadelphia

‘Beautiful Times – Philly Stop’ As we follow the “Beautiful Times” summer tour of X-O and Amanda Marie we find them in the city of brotherly love laying down layers of stencils and building out abandoned places with found object constructions. All tolled, the number of completed projects in this city made it the most […]

Amanda Marie and X-O: “Beautiful Times” in Denver

Amanda Marie and X-O have begun a road trip across the US – a summer spraycation for two artists who approach public space from different perspectives yet are complimentary somehow. It is not completely unheard of to trek across country painting – just ask any number of freight riders. It is probably kind of rare […]

Images of The Week: 03.09.14

Hi Everybody! Two things – We saw a big uptick in next generation Street Artists this week in the Armory Week shows and wrote about it yesterday; New High-Water Mark for Street Art at Fairs for Armory Week. So that is Thing One. Thing Two is yesterday was warm – like 60 degrees. That’s all. […]