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Coney Art Walls: First 3 Completed and Summer Begins

Summer Just Got More Fun in NYC as Coney Reinvents Itself Again You know the scene: Cotton candy, blasting music, bold fonted signs, city beach, sticky fingers, tattoos, carnival barkers, rollercoaster barfing, stolen kisses under the boardwalk, big bellied men with their shirts off, giggling girls in flipflops smelling like coconut sunscreen, garbage on the […]

BSA Images Of The Week: 09.21.14

Autumn in New York yo! Crisp cool, sunny days. Girls in tight sweaters. Boys in combat boots. Every cool air festival you can think of is all happening simultaneously – skateboarders closing down Kent Ave on BKs north side, Indian Larry’s block party with motorcycles of every stripe, and this years San Gennaro festival in […]

Daze is Hotter Than July in Baton Rouge for Mural Program

New York’s DAZE was just in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for some of the hottest painting weather he’s experienced and he’s happy he went.  Painting alongside folks like Seth, Hunto, Pose2, and Sabotaje al Montaje (Matheus) from Tenerife, he tells BSA that was satisfied with the work and the experience despite the surprising heat. A summer […]

Chris “Daze” Ellis in Dialogue with the Collection at The Addison

The NYC Graffiti Artist joins Whistler, Homer and Pollock at The Addison Currently the Addison Gallery of American Art in Massachusetts is hosting New York 1970s graffiti writer DAZE in Street Talk: Chris Daze Ellis in Dialogue with the Collection. At the exhibit opening a few weeks ago, a number of New Yorkers, including other writers […]

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