Brooklyn Street Art

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In Istanbul the “Language Of The Wall”, Street Art, and Graffiti

“The Language Of The Wall. Graffiti / Street Art” Pera Museum. Istanbul, Turkey No Street Artist is a prophet in his own land, to paraphrase the Latin “Nemo propheta in patria”. To see a large show of new Street Art in a museum right now don’t think of New York.  Surprisingly a vibrant and impactful [...]

BSA Film Friday 08.15.14

  Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : Sea Walls – Murals For Oceans. Isla Mujers, Mexic HERR BÜTTNER for Whale Rights in Penang, Malaysia “90 Percent” from Save Our Seas Foundation BSA Special Feature: Sea Walls – Murals For Oceans Isla Mujers in [...]

Liliwenn on Island in Tunisia For Djerbahood with C215, El Seed, ROA

The Djerbahood project is midway through its stated goal of having one hundred artists from 30 countries come to paint in this North African island in Tunisia called Djerba. Organized by the same folks who brought you Tour Paris 13, this sun-bleached town features a culture distinct from the mainland and many white-washed domed homes. [...]

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