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NeverCrew in Delhi: “See Through / See Beyond” Tells Story of Alienation

Switzerland‘s NeverCrew just completed two murals at the end of January for St+Art India in New Delhi that are connected thematically, though separated by a few kilometers. That geographical distance is intended to indicate time and loss of memory, they say, as the conceptual bases for “See Through / See Beyond” speaks to the loss […]

BSA Film Friday: 02.05.16

  Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. Lister Prepares for “MAD PROPS STREET CRED” 2. Visual Waste in Berlin 3. Music Behind Rubble Kings: Little Shalimar BSA Special Feature: Lister Prepares for “MAD PROPS STREET CRED“ On the occasion of his show […]

Christie’s Education X BSA, Brooklyn Museum, Jonathan Levine Tonight

Today at the invitation of Christie’s Education we’ll be participating in a panel discussion about Street Art and how it is being embraced by the art market, museums, and galleries. We’re honored to share the stage with Dr. Sharon Matt Atkins, Vice-Director of Exhibitions and Collections at Brooklyn Museum and with Jonathan LeVine, owner of […]

Fanzara Diary : Mural Update from a Tiny Spanish Town

You can tell by the quality of the street pieces that continue to go up in Fanzara that this young but ongoing “festival” is driven by something more than simply commercial interests. Thoughtful, quiet, hardly showy, Fanzara is the small town that we brought you to twice last summer (see links at end of this […]

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