Brooklyn Street Art

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NUART 2014 Begins with “Broken Promises”

For our 6th consecutive year of covering Nuart for you BSA is actually here in Stavanger this time. The plane touched down at 2 pm with Icy and Sot on board as well from Brooklyn and we all were whisked away by waiting cars. BSA got to ride in the schmancy new Nuart branded Tesla […]

BSA Images Of The Week: 08.31.14

A powerful group of images this week as we do a drive by on Labor Day Weekend in New York. We know it’s the last weekend of Summer but hell no!  I’m gonna have another strawberry ice cream out on the stoop. Here’s our weekly interview with the street, this week featuring Alice Pasquini, Bast, […]

Nether and New Community Murals This Summer In Baltimore

A colorful harvest of local folk on walls here as we bring you images Nether has been painting this summer in his native Baltimore by himself and with friends. A mix of community projects and independently initiated walls painted on Baltimore’s surplus quantity of abandoned buildings, the style brings to mind community murals of the […]

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