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BSA Film Friday: NUART2015 Live From Stavanger, Norway

  Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. NUART 2015 Special: FUTURA In Action in the Tunnels of Tou Scene BSA Special Feature: FUTURA in the The Tunnels at Tou Scene by Jaime Rojo Straight from Nuart 2015 to you, this rare opportunity […]

Nuart Day 3 : Picking Up Pace and Sandra Chevrier’s Dramatic Eyes

A fever pitch is possibly overstating the tempo but not by much as Day 3 at Nuart continued to be wet and gray and at times a little windy (not typically good for stencil work by the way). A couple of people have gotten a cold – possibly due to painting in the rain for […]

Nuart Day 2: Rain Chases Artists into Tunnels, Futura in Action

Murals and Street Art do not mix well with rain unfortunately so most artists at Nuart headed toward the former beer halls called Tou Scene (or the tunnels) to work on their indoor installations for Saturday’s opening and party here in Stavanger for Nuart 2015. Bortusk Leer had drawn large monsters on plywood to carve […]

Nuart Day 1: Isaac Cordal Installs His Preoccupied Little Businessmen

Tor (@toris64) picked us up at the airport using his hand-made faux-Banksy Nuart sign, wearing his fresh Dismaland t-shirt, and we immediately knew we were home here in Stavanger. Born and raised in this town Tor knows it’s every turn and twist and because he travels extensively for his regular profession, he also gets to […]

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