Brooklyn Street Art

…loves you more every day.

Tonja Torgerson and her Girls in Troy, New York

Some times we are shocked by the far reach of Street Art in the international sphere but its also helpful to remember that thanks to the Internet and the ease with which information flows right now artists of all disciplines are taking up the practice of putting art up in the streets with or without […]

YO Banksy! A Year Since “Better Out Than In”

As we hear of the sudden appearance of a new Banksy in southeast England we recall that it was exactly a year ago today that the international Street Art man of mystery grabbed New York by the mobiles and invited everyone to a month-long exhibition of painting, sculpture, installation, performance and real life detective games […]

Abstract Specter at the Bus Stop

It’s been sort of rainy in New York recently so you may have to take shelter while you wait for the bus. While you do, would you rather be treated with a large illuminated ad for hair color, headache medicine, or hemorrhoid creme? Or would you like to spend a few minutes gazing on a […]

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