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Images of the Week 06.19.11


A certain surreality is slipping through the sunbaked streets as we cross the summer threshold.  The mashup aesthetic of course has been going since the early days of Bast (or before), but now that visual moorings are loosed, all manner of recombinant strains of references and their assigned meanings are also aflight. Not all of these are examples of this movement, but many appear influenced by it. As usual, Street Art is as much a reflection of the society as it is a participant in its directional moves.

Our weekly interview with the street, this week featuring Banksy, Clown Soldier, CV, Cyrcle, Delicious Brains, Gaia, Hellbent, Hugh Leeman, ILL, Imminent Disaster, Jolie Soutine, KAWS, Mosstika, QRST and ROA with photographs by Jaime Rojo, Carlos Gonzales, and Birdman.


Mosstika has a new installation in the park in Dumbo, recalling the da-daist Brooklyn performance artist Gene Pool and his grass suits.  (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Mosstika. We have heard that the name of the piece is “Yeti” (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Imminent Disaster appears again on the street with this medallion of paper cutout and illustration. (photo © Jaime Rojo)


It looks like Clown Soldier now guards the only Banksy in Chicago. An unknown artist stenciled the image of the woman laying down on the “steps”, themselves a shadow of previous construction.  (photo © Clown Soldier)


Delicious Brains “Last Supper” (photo © Jaime Rojo)


JR’s global project “Inside Out” on the gates of the Green Hill Food Co-Op, where a huge neighborhood community reception was held Friday night to celebrate the new installations here. (photo © Jaime Rojo)


A casualty of lust on the streets. An unknown artist wheat-pasted the portrait of Brooklyn/Queens congressman Anthony Weiner, an outspoken powerhouse who advocated for populist causes during his 20 years of public service and who resigned his post this week amidst a Sexting scandal. Now the only question for Weiner is what’s up?  (photo © Jaime Rojo)


CV. World hunger never went away. (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Cyrcle “Overthrone!” in Los Angeles (photo © Carlos Gonzalez)


Cyrcle “Overthrone!” In Los Angeles (photo © Carlos Gonzalez)


Gaia (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Hellbent (photo © Jaime Rojo)


ROA in Los Angeles as part of LA Freewalls project (photo © Birdman)


To the left there is a new “Splasher” in town. To the right the “sorry” wheat paste is a faux street art installation for a movie shoot about love and youth. (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Hugh Leeman “Indian Joe” (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Hugh Leeman at his studio (photo © courtesy of the artist)


Hugh Leeman. “Sam” (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Jolie Soutine (photo © Jaime Rojo)


This new QRST piece in Manhattan is an inscribed funeral dirge mourning the “disneyfication” of a once vibrant and envelop-pushing arts culture that made way for new artists in the city, with the visage of the current mayor worn as a mask by a plump and relaxed rat.  We can only assume it is a reference to Manhattan, because a creative Babylon is going full force in some parts of Brooklyn as we speak.  (photo © Jaime Rojo)


QRST (photo © Jaime Rojo)


A sticker intervention by an unknown artist (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Kaws reacts to the cost of bottle service in the Meat Market while sitting below the lush, landscaped, and recently extended Highline. (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Kaws (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Untitled. The sky on fire as the sun sets on Manhattan Friday night. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

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Happy New Year! BSA Highlights of 2010


As we start a new year, we say thank you for the last one.

And Thank You to the artists who shared their 11 Wishes for 2011 with Brooklyn Street Art; Conor Harrington, Eli Cook, Indigo, Gilf, Todd Mazer, Vasco Mucci, Kimberly Brooks, Rusty Rehl, Tip Toe, Samson, and Ludo. You each contributed a very cool gift to the BSA family, and we’re grateful.

We looked over the last year to take in all the great projects we were in and fascinating people we had the pleasure to work with. It was a helluva year, and please take a look at the highlights to get an idea what a rich cultural explosion we are all a part of at this moment.

The new year already has some amazing new opportunities to celebrate Street Art and artists. We are looking forward to meeting you and playing with you and working with you in 2011.

Specter does “Gentrification Series” © Jaime Rojo
NohJ Coley and Gaia © Jaime Rojo
Jef Aerosol’s tribute to Basquiat © Jaime Rojo


Imminent Disaster © Steven P. Harrington
Fauxreel (photo courtesy the artist)
Chris Stain at Brooklyn Bowl © Jaime Rojo


Various & Gould © Jaime Rojo
Anthony Lister on the street © Jaime Rojo
Trusto Corp was lovin it.


Martha Cooper, Shepard Fairey © Jaime Rojo
BSA’s Auction for Free Arts NYC
Crotched objects began appearing on the street this year. © Jaime Rojo


BSA gets some walls for ROA © Jaime Rojo
Dolk at Brooklynite © Steven P. Harrington
BSA gets Ludo some action “Pretty Malevolence” © Jaime Rojo


The Crest Hardware Art Show © Jaime Rojo
NohJ Coley © Jaime Rojo
The Phun Phactory Reboot in Williamsburg © Steven P. Harrington


Sarah Palin by Billi Kid
Nick Walker with BSA in Brooklyn © Jaime Rojo
Judith Supine at “Shred” © Jaime Rojo


Interview with legend Futura © Jaime Rojo
Os Gemeos and Martha Cooper © Jaime Rojo
Skewville at Electric Windows © Jaime Rojo


Specter Spot-Jocks Shepard Fairey © Jaime Rojo
“Bienvenidos” campaign
Faile studio visit © Jaime Rojo


BSA participates and sponsors New York’s first “Nuit Blanche” © Jaime Rojo
JC2 © Jaime Rojo
How, Nosm, R. Robots © Jaime Rojo


Faile “Bedtime Stories” © Jaime Rojo
Judith Supine © Jaime Rojo
Photo © Roswitha Guillemin courtesy Galerie Itinerrance


H. Veng Smith © Jaime Rojo
Sure. Photo courtesy Faust
Kid Zoom © Jaime Rojo


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Images of the Week 10.03.10

Images of the Week 10.03.10


Our weekly interview with the street; this week featuring Cake, Company, Cozy, Deform Industry, Hugh Leeman, Muffin Man CCB, and a knitted padlock cozy.

We begin this week with three new pieces from Cake:

Continuing her residency at The Fountainhead in conjunction with Primary Flight in Miami, Cake has been introducing marked and subtle changes to her work recently.

About these life-sized characters Cake says, “I have gone into finer detail with the anatomical overtones- highlighting one aspect of the skeletal structure instead of several and honing in on it. My colors are a result of many layers of washes and yes, I am partial to blue shades right now for some reason- I think its because it goes nice with the fluorescent pink fingertips each of these figures have.”

Photo © Cake

Photo © Cake


Photo © Cake

Photo © Cake

Company Photo © Jaime Rojo

This round headed businessman is popping up in different colors in BK recently. The name: Company.  Photo © Jaime Rojo

Still Life with tulips Photo © Jaime Rojo

Still life with tulips.  Photo © Jaime Rojo

Humminbird. This artist's contextual use of the wall in his/her installation with colored duct tape is spot on! Photo © Jaime Rojo
Hummingbird. The contextual use of the wall with colored duct tape is spot on!  Photo © Jaime Rojo

Still Life wtih Lilly Photo © Jaime Rojo
Lilly.  Photo © Jaime Rojo

Deform Industry pays homage to ISaw the popular street food in The Philippines In Cebu City, Philippines. Photo © Deform Industry

Street Meat! Deform Industry pays homage to ISaw, the popular street treat made of chicken intestines in Cebu City, Philippines. Photo © Deform Industry

Padlock Cozy Photo © Jaime Rojo

Sometimes in the winter, a padlock can get quite cold, even frozen.  Not anymore! Introducing the Padlock Cozy.  Photo © Jaime Rojo

Hugh Leeman's installation of MLK in Indianapolis. Photo © Hugh Leeman

Hugh Leeman’s installation of a jazz musician named Blue on the street in Indianapolis. Photo © Hugh Leeman

The Muffin Man Photo © Jaime Rojo

The Muffin Man CCB is using only the finest sifted flour for his wheat paste.  Photo.  © Jaime Rojo

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Art Box Gallery Presents: Hugh Leeman “A Hand In The Inadvertent” (Indinapolis, In)

Hugh Leeman

Jason Myers
CEO/Gallery Director

Norman Cisler
Vice President/Artistic Director

Ben Brown
Partner/Director of Marketing

Meegan Fournier
Gallery Manager

ARTBOX in the Stutz 2 Business Center
217 West Tenth St. ste.125
Indianapolis, In 46202

entrance and parking 900 block Senate Ave.

ARTBOX downtown
245 S. McCrea Street
Indianapolis, In 46225

off of Georgia and Meridian, first floor of Janus Lofts building

TALK: 317.955.2450

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Hugh Leeman & Faber at Living Walls

The Living Walls Conference in Atlanta ended weeks ago and the organizers still think of all the artists who helped in their first ever event; the art, the conversations, the animated debates, the camaraderie.

The pieces and murals left behind mostly are still untouched and naturally some have been tagged, destroyed, gone over. The life cycle for art on the streets, it would appear, is getting shorter – like 3-week TV pilots, 18-hour news cycles, and the average texting teen attention span, the pace of change is a quickening.  Few artists can say that their pieces stay untouched, or “ride”, for very long periods of time.

One artist at Living Walls, Hugh Leeman, saw his portrait of an American civil rights icon actually precipitate the removal of an alcohol ad, due to local community sentiments – although no-one has said who brought it down.  Street Artist Faber, takes a less literal, more intuitive  approach to creating pieces specific to their location and his inner dialogue.


Hugh Leeman’s first stage (photo © Jenna Duffy)

Following are observations from Jayne McGinn along with photos from Jenna Duffy, who both covered the conference extensively:

Hugh Leeman

Hugh Leeman is easily one of the most inspiring people I met during Living Walls, if not my lifetime. His drive, passion and sincerity shone throughout his short stay in Atlanta.

After losing his wall on the side of Sound Table in the Old Fourth Ward due to a conflict with an Old English ad, Hugh ventured to the establishment at 1 a.m to convinced the owners to let him use the wall. He was allowed to create his piece with the stipulation that he would cut his mural in half and not cover the malt liquor add. Using only the Martin Luther King Jr side of the mural, Hugh pasted up his mural quickly, and before Leeman had left Atlanta the next day- the malt liquor add was down.

Leeman’s mural of MLK is adjacent to the MLK historic district, including his birth house and church. The brief time that the OE advertisement and the MLK wheat paste shared the wall together, it caused controversy within the community, igniting anger and confusion. Leeman and Living Walls posted a sign saying they did not support the advertisement.

Leeman’s mural changed the way OFW looks and represents the people and the neighborhood in an honest and uplifting way.


The completed portrait by Hugh Leeman (photo © Jenna Duffy)


Faber takes only a basic idea of a mural and his paint to his wall with him. He lets his murals evolve in a stream of consciousness as they adapt and respect the walls they coexist with. brooklyn-street-art-faber-living-walls-atlanta-2010-1-web

Faber (photo © Jenna Duffy)

Faber is careful not to break the aura of the structure and to maintain the feeling, form and character of the building.


Faber (photo © Jenna Duffy)

Faber’s interest in graffiti inspired him to study fine arts in school and further influences his work today. His artwork is personal, and appears on the street for the people who don’t have access to an art gallery, thus he creates a “public gallery” with his work. He sees his artwork as alive because of it interacts with the public.


Faber (photo © Jenna Duffy)

To see more of Jenna Duffy’s work go HERE:

The Living Walls Blog

To learn more about Living Walls go HERE:

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Living Walls are Alive! : BSA Update from Atlanta

Living Walls are Alive! : BSA Update from Atlanta

Living Walls
Jenna Duffy and Jayne McGinn have been chasing Street Art in Atlanta and taking in the whole carnival of art that is The Living Walls Conference.  Jenna is an experienced fashion photographer and she has been capturing the amazing vibe with her camera while Jayne tell us in her own words what’s the mood for Saturday nights’ Eyedrum Opening. Here is their first dispatch exclusively for BSA:

Currently, Eyedrum, home of the Living Wall’s Gallery Show, and the adjacent loft where the artists are staying, has transformed into what one artist called “a summer camp meets a wedding, meets a reality show”. Street artists from around the world blew up air mattresses and slept slumber party style, painting, working, and hanging out into dawn with a collective of volunteers.


Eyedrum Hallway (© Jenna Duffy)

Eyedrum Hallway (© Jenna Duffy)

The long white hallway in Eyedrum became the artists’ free-for-all, each given pick and creative freedom to stake claim on any spot not taken. The enormity of Living Walls is evident here; once an eyesore, it is now almost completely covered with pieces large and small. Gaia, Greg Mike, Chris Bakay, Marcos Sueno, Never, Nasdaq, Hugh Leeman and other artists have thrown up murals and wheat pastes. The ultimate goal to cover the hallway is awe-inducing, but when executed the collage of local and international street artists will be an ocular feast.

Gaia in Action (© Jenna Duffy)

Gaia in Action (© Jenna Duffy)

Eyedrum Hallway (© Jenna Duffy)

Eyedrum Hallway (© Jenna Duffy)

A BP Reference (© Jaime Rojo)

Fresh+I+Am takes a smack at environmental polluters at the head of the hallway (© Jenna Duffy)

Gaia (© Jenna Duffy)

Gaia (© Jenna Duffy)

To see more of Jenna Duffy’s work go HERE:

The Living Walls Blog

To learn more about Living Walls go HERE:


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GAIA in San Francisco – In the private and public gallery

Energetic and dancing animal Gaia has been banging up the tenderloin in San Francisco. If you are in the area be sure to check out his show “The Reinvention of Nature” at Gallery Heist and some of the pieces appearing in the street too with buddies like Blek Le Rat and Hugh Leeman.

"The Architect II" 24" x 24" Color pencil drawing on Lennox paper by Gaia at Gallery Heist in San Francisco (photo courtesy Gallery Heist)
“The Architect II” 24″ x 24″ Color pencil drawing on Lennox paper by Gaia at Gallery Heist in San Francisco (photo courtesy Gallery Heist)

Gaia's rooster on the right along with Hugh Leeman, Eddie, Blek le Rat and DYV. (photo courtesy the artist)

Gaia's rooster on the right along with Hugh Leeman, Eddie, Blek le Rat and DYV. (photo courtesy the artist)

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From Right Coast to Left: The Street Art Players Overlap Sometimes

Somebody just sent us this shot of a favorite wall for Street Artists in San Francisco’s Mission District – and the thing that strikes me is it’s similarity to a big abandoned place in Soho just above Canal in Manhattan. Looks like you can see some of New York’s street artists as easily crossing the Golden Gate as the George Washington.

Let’s see now, there’s Gaia on the left, Sean Desmond, Hugh Leeman, Shepard Fairey….

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Hugh Leeman in India

Street Artist Hugh Leeman, whose work you may have seen in Lower Manhattan, is currently in India, and he sends this dispatch about some wheat-pasting he’s been doing there: “These pieces I recently put up in Varanasi, India just as Holi festival began. They are on the ghats near the Ganges river.”


“I was working on these just before sunrise while off in the distance from many different directions. You could hear the chanting of monks and holy men coming from ashrams all while wild monkeys watched me from above and crows cawed as small black birds with brilliant orange specs ate at my excess drips of wheat paste.”

“Further down the river banks bodies are cremated or floated down this holy river.”


“Note the orange splatters on the face – This is from the Holi festival which is celebrated by splashing colored water on each other – and on my wheat paste.”


“The temple here is slowly sinking into the river.”

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Images of the Week 10.04.09

Images of the Week 10.04.09

Our Weekly Interview with the Street

Bast Krsna
$469? I can’t pay that much for a sports coat!  I just need it for an interview anyway, I’m not going to wear it hardly. (Bast, KRSNA) (photo Jaime Rojo)

Super Tanned Bangel. Bishop 203
A flash of calf makes me flushed and tingly with excitement (Bishop 203)

(photo Jaime Rojo)

Blu at Deitch Studios LIC
Blu at Deitch Studios

(photo Jaime Rojo)

Blu (detail)
Blu (detail) (photo Jaime Rojo)

Blu (Detail) Money Does Not Grow on Trees
Blu (Detail) Please make your rent payments in crisp unmarked one-hundred dollar bills. Sincerely, Acme Landlords Inc. (photo Jaime Rojo)

Celso and the Bridge
An odd little blue tarp that reminds you of those Mexican decorations – Papel Picado. (Celso) (photo Jaime Rojo)

From the International Folk Museum, an example of papel picado
From the International Folk Museum, an example of papel picado

Chris Uphues
My heart is so bluuuuuuuuuuue without youuuuuuuuuuuu. (Chris Uphues) (photo Jaime Rojo)

GreedAnd now, a word from our sponsor. (photo Jaime Rojo)

The siege of Obey by lightining and serpents. Shepard Feirey Hellbent Christian Paine
The siege of Obey by lightning and serpents. (Shepard Fairey, Hellbent, Christian Paine) (photo Jaime Rojo)


Blaaaaaaaa! Me hates bad coffee! (Hellbent) (photo Jaime Rojo)

Hugh Leeman Shin Shin Billi Kid
Yeah, this skinny-butt anchor lady said I needed a makeover before I could go on her interview show.  I said, “Fine, but I’m not putting out my cigarette.” (Hugh Leeman, Shin Shin, Billi Kid) (photo Jaime Rojo)

Matt Siren
It is our fervent hope that New York never stops being a freakshow. (Matt Siren) (photo Jaime Rojo)

The Dude Company

The Dude Company

Shin Shin Cornucopia
Autumn’s bounty of genetically modified apples, and a box of DickChicken McNuglets  (Shin Shin, Dick Chicken) (photo Jaime Rojo)

Yep, the leaves are just starting to turn in the Big Apple – a little color in the trees, temperature is a little cool so you might feel a bit frisky in your 70’s shorts now. Sunny day like this is a good time to go running in the park – you never know who you gonna meet.  Hopefully, she’s not already taken…

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