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BSA Images Of The Week: 02.15.15

BSA Images Of The Week: 02.15.15



Winter has been beating New York with a stick this week, but there’s still new Street Art going up – you just might miss it because you are rushing home to get warm. Also we have a smattering of shots from other cities this week to give you an idea of what’s up.

Here’s our weekly interview with the street, this week featuring Bifido, Bradley Theodore, BustArt, Claudio Ethos, Clet, Gore-B, GumShoe, Jilly Ballistic, Li-Hill, Mark Samsonovich, Mr. One Teas, Paul Insect and SeeTf.

Top Image >> Mark Samsonovich with an acute observation on this Valentine’s weekend. (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Mark Samsonovich (photo © Jaime Rojo)


This GoreB may be 10 years old, but we just saw it for the first time. (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Li-Hill has a new mural in Los Angeles, CA. Detail. (photo © Li-Hill)


Li-Hill. Los Angeles. CA. (photo © Li-Hill)


Paul Insect (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Artist Unknown (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Bust Art at work on his new installation in Paris. (photo © BustArt)


BustArt completed installation in Paris. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

“This time Winnie the Pooh is taking his crew to the streets and claim a new graffiti area” says the artist.


BustArt. Detail. Paris. (photo © BustArt)


Mr. One Teas and Mickey are painting McDonalds with a wide brush (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Oops, my hat! Dang this wind! Claudio Ethos new piece in Rio De Janeiro, Brasil. (photo © ETHOS)


CLET (photo © Jaime Rojo)


CLET (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Jilly Ballistic got the guillotine treatment. (photo © Jaime Rojo)


What do you want to be when you grow up. There are number of options. Bifido’s new installation in Rome, Italy. (photo © Bifido)


Bradley Theodore (photo © Jaime Rojo)


This hot busty blond aerosol piece by SeeTf is melting the snow. (photo © Jaime Rojo)


GumShoe (photo © Jaime Rojo)


“My Calvins” Manhattan, NYC. February 2015. (photo © Jaime Rojo)




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Fun Friday 05.21.10 from BSA


Thanks to everybody for the shout-outs about Fun Friday.  We love you too.

Style Curator Natalie Kates Went to the “Street Art New York” Auction with her Video Camera

I saw her at the party/auction/fundraiser on April 24th at Factory Fresh but I didn’t know she was shooting a video!  So cool because she captured the fun crowd and the funnier DJ mixologists Sifunk and Garmunkle, who really rocked our already over stimulated brains with a rhythmic cut-copy-paste blend of funkiness. (get Paul’s New Mix FREE here) Anyway, thanks Natalie!

Free Arts NYC

And on that note, thank you to all of the street artists who generously donated their time and work and creativity to the auction, which raised $16,000 for the programs at Free Arts NYC.  Thank you also to the staff and many volunteers who helped make that show work – BSA recommends these people and these programs that provide valuable services to our neighbors and to NYC kids.  A number of Street Artist already know about their programs and have volunteered as Big Brother/Sister mentors and worked with kids and families in the programs.  Here, Cynthia and Alexis talk about their experience:

This year again, Free Arts NYC has committed to serving an additional 1,000 children to meet the high demand in New York for their programs. We hope you will consider donating today by clicking here to help them reach this important milestone and close the remaining $25,000 gap needed to expand their programs.

“UR New York” Shows You How They Do It

UR New York, true born and raised New Yorkers, not transplants like most of us, are taking their street art game another step forward in a positive way. You see their cool canvasses, but do you have any idea how many steps are involved in making a print?

Here’s a studio stop-action video that shows how the New York Duo 2Easae and Ski just churned out their first print called “Arsenic” with Art Asylum Boston.  They only made 10, but it looks like a lot of effort.  Using cans and brushes, these brothers are combining the best of their experience into their work.

Ron English Hits the Welling Court Walls Early

UR New York, Street Artist Ron English has put up a bunch of new wheat paste posters on the Welling Court Mural Project in Queens, NY. The festival starts tomorrow and already the stuff that is up is worth the trip for this community event. English is taking the opportunity to lambaste Consumerism, Greed, Militarism, Religious Hypocrisy, Romanticizing Guns, and Advertising Hammerlocks on your Head — you know, all the lite topics – with a variety of graphic lampoons a la Mad Magazine in the 70’

Ron English's new work at Welling Court Walls this weekend

Ron English's new work at Welling Court Mural Project this weekend (image courtesy Ron English)

See more pictures from Ron English’s online journal at Juxtapose HERE.

ROA on the Roof

You may have missed this, and I’m so happy with it – so that’s two really good reasons to post this new NEW YORKY video we made with ROA this week.  Have a great weekend!


Artists that were part of the “Street Art New York” Auction Benefit for Free Arts NYC were Abe Lincoln Jr., Alex Diamond, Anera, Avoid Pi, Billi Kid, Bishop 203, Blanco, BortusK Leer, Broken Crow, C Damage, C215, Cake, Celso, Chris RWK, Chris Stain, Creepy, Dain, Damon Ginandes, Dan Witz, Dark Clouds, Dennis McNett, Elbow Toe, EllisG, FKDL, Gaia, General Howe, GoreB, Hargo, Hellbent, Imminent Disaster, Infinity, Jef Aerosol, Jim Avignon, JMR, Joe Iurato, Jon Burgerman, Keely, Know Hope, Logan Hicks, Mark Carvalho, Matt Siren, Mint and Serf, Miss Bugs, NohJColey, Nomadé, Peru Ana Ana Peru, PMP/Peripheral Media Projects, Poster Boy, Pufferella, Rene Gagnon, Roa, Royce Bannon, Skewville, Specter, Stikman, Swoon, The Dude Company, Tristan Eaton, UR New York (2esae & Ski), Veng RWK

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Street Artists Give to NYC KIDS: A gift of Art and Self-Confidence

With 60 artists, 73 artworks, over 500 guests, and a happy vibe created by the mad-scientists Sifunk & Garmunkle at music mission control, the Street Art New York Silent Auction Benefit for Free Arts NYC was a huge success. At the end of the night most of the walls were bare, and most of the pieces remaining had been purchased by absentee bidders. With animated conversations, excited bidding, and occasionally rambunctious dancing (Andrew), the night was really an excellent example of how the street art community is alive and well, and how the work of street artists is in demand.

Thank you to Ali and Ad at Factory Fresh for co-hosting the event, thank you to all the volunteers from Free Arts NYC who helped to hang it, pack it, and execute the auction, and special thanks to all the artists who so generously donated their pieces to the event.  Also special thanks to all the blog friends (so many!) who wrote about this event and all the people who Tweeted it continuously, as well as the print publications who helped get the word out.  We hope to thank you all personally some time, if not via email. Because of your help, the gallery and back yard were jammed with more people than anyone could remember.

Thank you to Reid Harris Cooper for sending us these pictures he took at the crowded party (we threw in a couple crowd shots from the cellphone). Reid actually scored the Blanco piece in the auction.  If anyone else has pics from that night we would love to see them.

[flagallery gid=2 name=”Gallery”]

For more images by Reid Harris Cooper see his Flickr page HERE

See images and details of the pieces at our Flickr – which will be updated by the end of the day

Participating artists were: Abe Lincoln Jr., Alex Diamond, Anera, Avoid Pi, Billi Kid, Bishop 203, Blanco, BortusK Leer, Broken Crow, C Damage, C215, Cake, Celso, Chris RWK, Chris Stain, Creepy, Dain, Damon Ginandes, Dan Witz, Dark Clouds, Dennis McNett, Elbow Toe, EllisG, FKDL, Gaia, General Howe, GoreB, Hargo, Hellbent, Imminent Disaster, Infinity, Jef Aerosol, Jim Avignon, JMR, Joe Iurato, Jon Burgerman, Keely, Know Hope, Logan Hicks, Mark Carvalho, Matt Siren, Mint and Serf, Miss Bugs, NohJColey, Nomadé, Peru Ana Ana Peru, PMP/Peripheral Media Projects, Poster Boy, Pufferella, Rene Gagnon, Roa, Royce Bannon, Skewville, Specter, Stikman, Swoon, The Dude Company, Tristan Eaton, UR New York (2esae & Ski), Veng RWK

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Gore B donates piece for “Street Art New York” Benefit

You may have seen his boards bolted here and there, combining historical portraiture and sometimes verse to accompany it – a page ripped from a never-time; something genuine mixed with a camp sensibility. In recent explorations Gore B begins with Audubon-style bird paintings and mixes fonts with them, each taking off with a story in it’s own direction.


For more about the Silent Auction Benefit on April 24 read HERE

Read an interview with GoreB HERE

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Street Art New York at Factory Fresh

“Street Art New York” Silent Auction Benefit for Free Arts NYC

For more information please contact:
Email:; Web:

“Street Art New York” Silent Auction Benefit for Free Arts NYC
Saturday, April 24, 2010
Event Time: 7-11 pm

Auction Time: Promptly 7 pm to 9:30 pm EST
Absentee bidders please register with Bernadette DeAngelis at or call 212.974.9092.

Location: Factory Fresh Gallery
1053 Flushing Avenue
Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York 11237
between Morgan and Knickerbocker, off the L train Morgan Stop


To celebrate the release of the new book “Street Art New York” and to benefit the programs of Free Arts NYC, original artworks by a stellar array of today’s Street Artists from New York and beyond will be featured in a silent auction to take place on April 24, 2010, from 7 pm to 9:30 pm at Factory Fresh Gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

The Benefit and the Artists

The Benefit, to be held at one of New York’s epicenters for the thriving new Street Art scene, Factory Fresh Gallery, will feature an incredibly strong selection of today’s Street Artists joining together for one night as a community to benefit NYC kids from disadvantaged backgrounds as the numbers of poor and low-income children in New York continues to rise. Representing a renaissance in modern urban art at the dawn of a new decade, this artists will very likely be the largest collection of 2010’s street artists in one location.

With exciting new work by 60 of today’s Street Artists

Abe Lincoln Jr., Alex Diamond, Anera, Avoid Pi, Billi Kid, Bishop 203, Blanco, BortusK Leer, Broken Crow, C Damage, C215, Cake, Celso, Chris RWK, Chris Stain, Creepy, Dain, Damon Ginandes, Dan Witz, Dark Clouds, Dennis McNett, Elbow Toe, EllisG, FKDL, Gaia, General Howe, GoreB, Hargo, Hellbent, Imminent Disaster, Infinity, Jef Aerosol, Jim Avignon, JMR, Joe Iurato, Jon Burgerman, Keely, Know Hope, Logan Hicks, Mark Carvalho, Matt Siren, Mint and Serf, Miss Bugs, NohJColey, Nomadé, Peru Ana Ana Peru, PMP/Peripheral Media Projects, Poster Boy, Pufferella, Rene Gagnon, Roa, Royce Bannon, Skewville, Specter, Stikman, Swoon, The Dude Company, Tristan Eaton, UR New York (2esae & Ski), Veng RWK

About the Book

Street Art New York, by Steven P. Harrington and Jaime Rojo, with a foreword by Carolina A. Miranda, published in April 2010 by Prestel Publishing (Random House).

The authors of the successful Brooklyn Street Art book (and founders of expand their scope and take readers on a fast-paced run through the streets of New York, along the waterways, on the rooftops, and up the walls of today’s ever-morphing vibrant Street Art scene as only NYC can tell it.

With an introduction by noted cultural journalist Carolina A. Miranda ( putting Street Art in the context of the personal experience of a New Yorker, readers will be taken aback by this compelling portrait of the state of urban art featuring work on the streets of New York from 102 artists from around the world. With a collection of aproximately 200 images by exciting new comers as well as beloved “old masters” such as New Yorkers Swoon, Judith Supine, Dan Witz, Faile, Skewville, WK Interact, LA’s Sphepard Fairey, Brazil’s Os Gemeos, Ethos, Denmark’s Armsrock, France’s Space Invader, C215, Mr. Brainwash, Germany’s Herakut, Belgium’s ROA, London’s Nick Walker, Connor Harrington, and the infamous Banksy.

About the Publisher, Prestel Publishing (Random House):

With its impressive list of titles in English and German, Prestel Publishing is one of the world’s leading publishers in the fields of art, architecture, photography, design, cultural history, and ethnography. The company, founded in 1924, has its headquarters in Munich, offices in New York and London, and an international sales network.

The Silent Auction

Commencing at 7 p.m. and ending at 9:30 p.m., the silent auction will be administered by Free Arts NYC, and all proceeds from the auction go directly to the non-profit. Highest bidder wins!


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Fun Friday 02.12.10


<<< > > > > < < < > >> < < > < > < < <<< < > > > > >

FOR all you Valentines:

Copulation Dancing MEETS Extreme Sports

And AMAZING Art & Vector Insanity …MAJOR LAZER

Directed by Eric Wareheim

Edited and Animation by Zachary Johnson & Jeffery Max

Art and Vector Insanity by Kevin O’Neill & Karisa Senavitis

Produced by Clark Reinking

Says Will Work For Good, “We worked with Eric Wareheim on the aesthetic direction for his video for Major Lazer’s “Pon De Floor” featuring some of NY’s raddest dagga dancers. We wanted to take them off the typical club floor and put them on more mundane floors in an imaginary neighborhood where they could go about their business in private. All of the home environments were created as large paintings which were then photographed and transformed into a bizarre real estate fly-through by the dudes at Fatal Farm. Additionally we created a series of vector patterns used for the “otherworlds” featured throughout the video. All in all a sick mix of low/high tech and Eric’s always awesome visions.”

<<< > > > > < < < > >> < < > < > < < <<< < > > > > >

FOR all you Would Be Valentines:

I’m sure you kids don’t remember this but WAAAYYYY BACK in the day before Virtual Lovemaking Suits, we had to Hook Up using CHAT and our imaginations

<<<  > > > > < < < >  >> < < > < > < < <<< < > > > > >

Local Salsa Orchestra covers TV On the Radio

Hear their version while viewing this slideshow that features street art in Brooklyn

Not sure if we caught all of the street artists but I saw Gaia, FKDL, C215, Katsu, Poster Boy, Dude Co, Mark Cavalho… who else?

The Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra, based in Brooklyn NY, plays “Wolf Like Me” by TV On The Radio. Produced and arranged by percussionist Gianni Mano from forthcoming album, “Keys To The City”. Slideshow of local pics and street art are by Miss Heather at

<<<  > > > > < < < >  >> < < > < > < < <<< < > > > > >

Hand-made Animation and Stop Action Camera Work

Early Animators used this same technique for experimenting with new stories (I just made that up. I’ve never seen this stuff before)

<<<  > > > > < < < >  >> < < > < > < < <<< < > > > > >

“The Dirty Show” in Detroit for Valentines


courtesy Arrested Motion

“The Red Light Exhibit” is comprised of tantalizing talent including Shawn Barber, Paul Booth, Scott G. Brooks, Vincent Castiglia, Colin Christian, Molly Crabapple, Camilla D’Errico, Ewelina Ferusso, Michael Hussar, Michael Mararian, Dan Quintana, Celeste Rapone, David Stoupakis, The Dirty Fabulous, Brian Viveros, Tony Ward, & Jasmine Wort. Curated by Genevive Zacconi, in association with Last Rites Gallery, the show will be held at The Dirty Show in Detroit.

See more images and learn more at Arrested Motion

<<<  > > > > < < < >  >> < < > < > < < <<< < > > > > >

The Sexy “Street Crush” Show from Brooklyn Street Art a year ago.

<<< > > > > < < < > >> < < > < > < < <<< < > > > > ><<< > > > > < < < > >> < < > < > < < <<< < > > > > ><<< > > > > < < < > >> < < > < > < < <<< < > > > > ><<< > > > > < < < > >> < < > < > < < <<< < > > > > >

Very Sad to Hear the News of the Passing of Alexander McQueen

What the heck does this have to do with street art and graffiti art? Hang out till the second part of this video. We won’t likely forget his famous robotic spray-painting of a white dress in ’99.

<<< > > > > < < < > >> < < > < > < < <<< < > > > > >

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Images of the Week 01.17.10

Images of the Week 01.17.10


Our weekly interview with the streets

Aakash Nihalani

Aakash Nihalani's new green piece (photo © Jaime Rojo)

JC2 has taken the image originally wheat-pasted and turned it into a sign post.  Don’t recall seeing something this large bolted before, do you? (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Chris RWK
The Blues Robot Brothers (Chris RWK) (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Clown Soldier
Clown Soldier makes his first entry on the New York Top Forty this week at number 32, with “The Gentle Clown from Verona” (photo © Jaime Rojo)

EMA (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Gaia  and Deeker on top
Gaia and Deeker (or is that GoreB?) (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Sam McCurdy
Sam McCurdy (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Trusto Corp
Trusto Corp (photo ©Jaime Rojo)

Graffitti Soup
It’s easy as ABC (Graffitti Soup) (photo © Jaime Rojo)

KId Acne
Oh, where where, has my little kid gone?  (Kid Acne) (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Pet Bird
Pet Bird has found a nice nesting spot inside this dumpster (photo © Jaime Rojo)

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Fun Friday! 01.15.10: “Street Crush” on Video, Jerkville, Available Men, Greenscreen Grannies, Local Banking


“Street Crush” on Video

Brooklyn Filmmaker Collective “Cinema Set Free” produced this great video about the celebration of Street Art in New York called “Street Crush”. Thank you Antonio, Lawrence, Melissa, and Demitri of “Cinema Set Free” for your talents. and AlphaBeta Art Space hosted a fun street art show with 43 street artists, 4 burlesque performers, and a kissing booth.  Working around themes of “Love, Sex, and the Street”, well-known street artists alongside relative whipper-snappers dug deep for fresh takes on gritty street ardor.

Artists included Aakash Nihalani, Abe Lincoln Jr., Aiko, Anera, Bortusk Leer, Broken Crow, C. Damage, Cake, Celso, Charm, Chris Uphues, Creepy, DirQuo, Ellis Gallagher A.K.A. (C)ELLIS G., Eternal Love, FauxReel, FKDL, General Howe, GoreB, Imminent Disaster, Hellbent, Infinity, Nobody, Jef Aerosol, Jon Burgerman, Matt Siren, Mimi the Clown, NohJColey, Pagan, PMP, Poster Boy, Pufferella, Pushkin, Chris from Robots Will Kill, Col from Robots Will Kill, Veng from Robots Will Kill, Royce Bannon, Skewville, Stikman, The Dude Company, Titi from Paris, and U.L.M.

See the Street Crush Artists Here

THE PERFORMERS Nasty Canasta, Clams Casino, Harvest Moon, and your MC, Tigger!

THE KISSING BOOTH A funky loveshack built by artist and set-designer J. Mikal Davis and lorded over by Madame Voulez-Vous. Kissing Booth Volunteers: Ashley, Jeremy, Jess, Justin, Natasha, Ryan, and Val.

THE NON-PROFIT: Art Ready mentoring program for New York City high school students considering careers in the arts, please visit:

MUSIC The DJ was Jesse Mann streaming live on

POST PARTY Brooklyn projection artists, SeeJ and SuperDraw performed at Coco66 .

Producer/Cameraman – Lawrence Whiteside
Producer/Cameraman – Antonio Bonilla
Editor – Melissa Figueroa
Voice Over Recordist – Dimitri Tisseryre

The original “Street Crush” Press Release

>>>>>   <  <<<<<  > > < < < <> >>> >>>>>>>>>

It’s a New Dance KRAZE Born in Jerkville!

>>>>>   <  <<<<<  > > < < < <> >>> >>>>>>>>>

And Speaking of Jerkville: Dashing Men Available for Dating

>>>>>   <  <<<<<  > > < < < <> >>> >>>>>>>>>

Too Cold For Coney Island? Not Virtually!

Forget Avatar – Put Grandma in front of a Green Screen!

(The image you see behind them is the image they’re looking at)

>>>>>   <  <<<<<  > > < < < <> >>> >>>>>>>>>

Bill Maher on Keeping Your Money Local

You don’t have to stay in a loveless, abusive relationship with your Big Bank.

Here’s a list of Brooklyn Community Banks
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It’s Getting Hot Down There: ART BURN MIAMI

Eartburner-mpresario and street artist Celso has a sense of humor about most things, and street art in particular.

Without reading too much into it, it’s easy to understand how some of the hype surrounding the humongus Art Basel in Miami this week does tend to turn off the hot-headed anti-capitalist anti-consumerist anti-consumption anti-homogenization-of-everything-in-our culture-types in our midst.

Not that any of these artists are in that category, but it is pretty funny to learn that this one-day only art show ends with all the art being burned, and none of it added to your burgeoning street-art collection.

But Marge, what are they trying to say? While we prefer to create original content and not simply copy-and-paste, sometimes it just makes sense to take it directly from the press release >>

ART BURN: The Most Combustible Art Show in the World
International Contemporary Art Expo & Immolation

**To be held at LAS TIAS, 2834 N. Miami Ave., in Miami’s Wynwood District at sunset on Thursday, December 3rd, 2009***

(Miami, FL) — ART BURN, the most combustible art show in the world, will combine an international selection of original art with fire. Original works on canvas, wood and paper by a selection of more than three dozen international artists will be displayed and then flambeed in Miami on the evening of Thursday, December 3, 2009 at sunset. The exhibition/grilling, curated by NYC artist El Celso, will take place in the Wynwood Arts District, within walking distance of Miami’s lesser contemporary art fairs.

An exclusive selection of more than three dozen exceptional pieces by the hottest renowned artists and sizzling, cutting-edge newcomers will be displayed from 1pm until sundown. After the brief exhibition, all of these original works will be burned for the public’s viewing pleasure. Nothing is for sale.

We will be exhibiting and burning new works by:

El Celso
Aurora Robson
Nick Fortunato
Jayne Surrena
Fabian Pena
Rex Dingler
Royce Bannon
Leonardo Furtado (Brazil)
Abe Lincoln Jr.
Paul Kostabi
Jeannete Vidalia
Avoid Pi
Stefano Pasquini (Italy)
Destroy & Rebuild
F. Trainer
Joanne Mattera
Sam Horine
Die Dose (Germany)
Billi Kid
Evelyn Metzger
Robots Will Kill
Adam Vincentz
Garrison Buxton (Peripheral Media Projects)
Michael DeFeo
James A. Willis
Kristina Maria Lopez
Ray Bradbury & very special guests TBA

You can even follow the events on Twitter at @elcelso and @cmonstah.

The official media sponsor of the ART BURN VIP Lounge

The official blogazine, critic and beer sponsor of ART BURN

The official street art and corporate snack sponsor of ART BURN

The unofficial grilling partner of ART BURN

We’ve been assured that all local laws and safety precautions will be observed.  At least Miami is a coastal town so they are near water.

Enjoy this hunk o burnin’ luv….

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“A Hounding Obsession”: Armer, DarkCloud, Deeker, and GoreB at Factory Fresh

“A Hounding Obsession”: Armer, DarkCloud, Deeker, and GoreB at Factory Fresh

Interview with the artists; Talking about New York, dumpster diving for canvasses, hidden spots, and hounding obsessions.

Dark Clouds

Dark Clouds holds up the sky (photo Jaime Rojo)

“A Hounding Obsession”  is a great name for this show because it aptly describes the ever present drive that these artists feel to make new art and to get it out in front of an audience.  Usually it’s on the street, but this week it comes together at Factory Fresh in Bushwick.

In a way it’s a reunion show, like the Beatles!  Okay, not the Beatles, but they are a fab four that used to work side by side; now have split to different parts of the world.  Only DarkCloud and Deeker are still in the Grimey Apple so the other two have flown in just to install for this show and to hang out again with old friends.

A recent visit to the lush underground FF Studios with the artists yielded a number of raucous  stories from the four about past wild excursions painting walls and ceilings in an abandoned recycling center, a burned out embassy (complete with chandeliers and 12 foot mirrors), dumpster diving for canvasses, and a discussion on how to draw females into the gallery Friday night.

What to expect at the show? Ask the artists –

Armer: I’m gonna try to go big. The back wall is kind of large.
Yeah we’re just going to do a good hard smash-down of the whole thing.  We don’t really have a plan on it.  We’ll just get a whole bunch of paint and do it.
I’ve got a couple of pieces on glass that I’m really liking. I’ve been working on glass a lot and I just like the way they look.
My pieces for this show all start off with Audubon-style bird paintings and I started mixing fonts with them, and each takes off with stories in it’s own direction.  There is one menacing bird that looks like it’s going to pluck your eyeball out so that’s pretty cool.

"I had this really cool book with thousands and thousands of birds and I love picture books like that, " GoreB (photo Jaime Rojo)

“I had this really cool book with thousands and thousands of birds and I love picture books like that, ” GoreB (photo Jaime Rojo)

These guys have all painted together at different times and Deeker and Goreb started talking about their escapades a couple of years ago in Brooklyn…

Deeker: For like two solid years Gore and I were painting outdoors, indoors, finding fuckin’ huge canvasses and putting them in our bags and bikIng them home. Then we’d just mess them up and go back and hang them up outside somewhere.
There was one time we were painting with images based off of a – what was that photographer guys’ name that we did all those paintings and shit? We found all these old photographs that he had dumped out up on Bedford, like 4 x 8 foot big…
Deeker: Yeah, gigantic
Goreb: Yeah I don’t remember his name but those were actually some of the first collaborations we did – on those photographs. That’s really when I first met Celso and everybody.  (To Deeker) I actually really first met you creeping around the recycling center lot.
Deeker: That was the second time. Actually the first time was fucking drunk on the street.


But we digress. Each artist in “A Hounding Obsession” has a background in graffiti at some point and now continues to explore the street art thing.  BSA wondered if NYC was still hot.

Brooklyn Street Art: Is New York still one of the best places to put up work?

Armer: In America, definitely.

GoreB: It’s a great spot; there’s so much neglect and cutty spots, so much discovery as far as strange places around the city.  Like me and Deeker are always talking about the places you can creep to in Queens and Brooklyn.  I think it’s even better to do your work there now because the street art scene is too popular.  You do anything in Williamsburg or on Bedford or in Soho and people find it right away and it gets on the internet but it’s kind of not what it should be about.


Brooklyn Street Art: What should it be about?

GoreB: For me it’s about withdrawing my art as much as possible and finding little nooks and crannies.

Deeker:  I feel like the one or two kids that find your stuff up in the most random of places – like their reaction is worth more than somebody who finds it right away and ten people go and photograph it and everyone talks about it.

Armer: It’s really about spots. I like spots in high traffic areas but I also like painting in strange places that only young kids might go see.


Brooklyn Street Art: And how did you get the name DarkCloud?

DarkCloud: The concept for DarkCloud came because I was hanging out with a good friend of mine who was always in a shitty mood at one point in his life. So we started joking about how he was like the cartoon with the cloud over him always following and over his head.  He was more of a fine art painter and I was only into graffiti solely and I didn’t really want to do anything but graffiti.

He kind of painted his own version of a dark cloud and I was just like, “What is that”?  He said, “That’s the dark cloud”. I was like, “No that’s not what it looks like!” So I painted my own version and I was so kind of hooked, obsessed with getting work out and I was really into the concept of doing bolt ups on signs.  When I first started I only wanted to do them on signs. “


GoreB, Armer and Dark Clouds

GoreB, Armer and DarkCloud pose while Deeker is looks for a saw (photo Jaime Rojo)

Thus the Hounding Obsession we have heard about, and the name of the show.  Each one of these artists got hooked a long time ago on making street art, and while it may sound like an exaggeration to call it an obsession, it’s not a far stretch to call it that.  Listen to Dark Cloud…

Dark Cloud: When I first moved to the city that’s how it was. I grew up in Vermont and when I was in Boston I was instantaneously overwhelmed by how people accomplish this stuff. I was so interested right away that it became like an obsession.   Everything else I was into started to fade. It kind of took over. It was too much fun. And the mystery behind it was so much fun.

GoreB: Yeah that is probably a difference between what we do and most artists – we want to get our art out there and don’t want to have it anymore. I think that because of what we’ve done before we have this lack of a feeling of ownership that pervades all of our work. It’s very apparent in how we put it on the public. I think that feeling also comes from that ability to let go of it so easily. Anonymity is powerful too because it raises questions about why the piece is there. You round a corner and you have no idea who this person was or why it was created and it causes a lot more mystery that you wouldn’t get otherwise. It veils the work in mysterious ways.

Dark Clouds

Dark Clouds blue period diptych (photo Jaime Rojo)

Armer thinks that girls in particular are going to like this show and encourages them to come.

Armer: This is kind of my first show indoors, and it may be my last. So if there are any ladies that are interested in Armer, they should definitely roll through.

Brooklyn Street Art: So this is a one–time-only opportunity of a lifetime?

Armer: Yes, I’m retiring after this. Not from the streets though.


Armer meditates on a topic dear to the heart (photo Jaime Rojo)

And a few little hits from the Streets….

DarkClouds Free Delivery (photo Jaime Rojo)

DarkClouds in situ.  (photo Jaime Rojo)

Botanical Deeker

A botanical Deeker from a few years ago (photo Jaime Rojo)


GoreB coming in for a landing (photo Jaime Rojo)


“A Hounding Obsession” is opening Friday

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Dark Cloud, Goreb, Armer & Deekers “A Hounding Obsession” at Factory Fresh

A Hounding Obsession
Featuring the Artwork of Dark Cloud, Goreb, Armer & Deekers
November 13th thru November 29
Show Opens Friday, November 13th from 7-10pm

This November, Factory Fresh brings together four elusive artists who each work seamlessly in between the worlds of graffiti and streetart. These two art forms look identical to the untrained eye but in actuality are more like brawling brothers to those who are part of the movement. Artists Armer, Darkcloud, Goreb and Deeker are a few exceptions. Each of their work ranges on the street one day a large scale mural, another day carefully placed signs or paintings, sometimes even a junk sculpture is installed onto a crowded street. As a result these artists cannot be dismissed by any group of urban artists and have been validated by their acceptance from multiple ranges of critcs.

The Darkcloud image has been a constant staple in the urban art scene since 2003 and can be seen all over the east and west coast. Darkcloud is attributed with having more hand painted stickers up than anyone on the scene today. The meaning being unclear for most, it stems from the concept that angst is always following us. A visual representation of the darkness in our lives we are unable to escape. Darkcloud will be showing a mix of paintings on glass, metal, wood, and more. Also, prints may be available for the first time in his artist career.

Deeker is a rogue, pessimistic bastard who comes out and paints when the weather is at it’s worst. This bottom feeder lurks around the other three, drops hints of doomsday, tells tales of perpetual unemployment and generally depresses everyone. His work will consist of ghastly character paintings and painstakingly fine cut wooden words and botanical elements. The likes of which you can find hidden all around the streets of New York, if you look carefully.

GoreB’s work was first noticed in Dumbo in the summer of 2004 and people discussed his work in tones you might use to talk about a griffin or a chimera, a former math prodigy who’d been corrupted in his teen years by something called hobo freight art, then spiraled into a life of nomadic polymath street-art savanthood and touched down, for a few years, in New York. Goreb currently resides on the West Coast in Santa Cruz and has created new oil paintingsfor the show featuring collages of birds, black and white photos, and fonts with hints of older paintings underneath.

With GoreB and Deeker as mentors and occasional sidekicks, young Armer paints large, uncomfortable faces on both coasts. His streetwork is powered by the painterly and gestural satisfaction he gets from working on a grand scale and from the belief in American graffiti as a way to respect the past while fighting the present. This show gives Armer his first crack at gallery walls. Pared down to a self-retrospective, mixed media work will echo his presence in the street (color combinations he loves; how he processes and releases information) but also will chronicle a day/night in the life.

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