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BSA Film Friday: 03.22.13

Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening: The Yok & Sheryo in Australia, Sixe and Okuda in Peru, and Mammutt in Mexico City

BSA Special Feature:
The Yok and Sheryo in “Fish & Chips”

The Yok and Sheryo have been working as a collaborative aerosol duo for a handful of years and in this new sunny video their creative and working dynamic is on full display. Set in Fremantal, a small town at the port of Perth, Australia, the mural puts marine life at center stage, with facing creatures depicted in a possibly autobiographical way that addresses their differing heritages (Singaporean and Australian) and their individual personalities. As the prep and painting process builds upon itself through the video, there is a genuine sense of the artists industry, creativity and their joint sense of adventure.

Another from The Yok and Sheryo in Australia

A Brief Montage from Spanish Artists Sixe and Okuda in Peru


And you thought it was just about painting. Entrepreneur Gonzalo Alvarez and the whole crew of MAMUTT in Mexico City are celebrating two years of building an organization that is combining Street Art, commerce, entertainment, branding, and media marketing. It has been interesting to see how their multiple efforts have unfolded and here is their promotional reel that gives an overview of their work in the last two years, with an idea of their plans for the future.

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M-City Meets the Commercial Buff in Mexico City

Nobody expects to “run” forever. That’s the nature of Street Art and everything else. If your work is not gone over by another artist or buffed by a private or municipal roller, the rain and wind and sun will eventually erode your enthusiasm. That’s the nature of this ephemeral art.

Graffiti writers and Street Art makers are sometimes lulled into thinking their principle audiences are each other, but there is always the arm of the law and property owners, and more often than ever it is the arm of commerce that swings through and bats everyone aside with a message brought to you by a manly deodorant.

Last week Polish Street Artist M-City got his work buffed by sneakers.

He’d put it up last summer in the Gustavo A. Madero district in Mexico City completely legally as part of a cultural project. The trucks and scenes of industry he stenciled excited the local kids and paid tribute to the monsters that roar through the modest neighborhood.  Using multiple layers of stencils, as he has done in cities like  Warsaw, Jakaarta, Brooklyn, Los Angeles and Stavanger (Norway) in the last few years, M-City created his boldly dense geometry of the symbols of production on a red brick home in Colonia 7 de Noviembre.

The original state of the building in was not remarkable. (image courtesy M-City, Mamutt Arte, and Cauce Ciudano)

The organizers of the program which brought him there, Gonzalo Alvarez of Mamutt Arte and Carlos Cruz of Cauce Ciudano in Mexico City, have hosted Street Artists like ROA, Broken Crow, JAZ, EVER, Sego, Saner, XAM, Liquen and Dhear over the last two years to create cultural programs for at-risk youth and burgeoning young artists.

The M-City piece paid tribute to the businesses in the area. (image courtesy M-City, Mamutt Arte, and Cauce Ciudano)

“Obviously I was super angry at the house owners, but I understood that a little extra help in these tough times is always good,” explains Alvarez as he describes his initial reaction to seeing M-City’s work replaced by a flat one color illustration of a sneaker.  It raised his ire at the company that showed no sensitivity to the efforts of the neighbors, but he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do about it. “It took me and the Cauce people like three days to kind of understand if the brand was wrong or we were wrong.” Ultimately they decided to write a two-page letter to Converse to raise awareness there about the impact it’s had.

The M-City work going up last August. (image courtesy M-City, Mamutt Arte, and Cauce Ciudano)

In their letter they explain that their joint project has worked closely with local community, civic, and international organizations to create their program, “painting in areas with problems of violence and delinquency (painting on peoples houses and businesses) … a space where gangs can coexist without violence, helping to build peace, we show that this expression can become a job and a piece of art.”

Local youth participated in the mural’s creation and passed it daily. (image courtesy M-City, Mamutt Arte, and Cauce Ciudano)

Since sending the letter to Converse Mexico offices and to media in the Street Art community, Alvarez and Cruz have received a lot of feedback. “All of the opinions we have received via different ways (Twitter, Facebook, blogs, phone calls, etc) are sympathetic to our point of view and understand exactly where we are coming from, even if they are not even interested in art.”

The stencil artist draws upon a collection of approximately one hundred hand cut stencils. (image courtesy M-City, Mamutt Arte, and Cauce Ciudano)

You can’t characterize art on the street as anything less than an ongoing conversation; which includes all the subtleties and ramifications the metaphor implies. In this case, it looks like there will be more to say.

The new facade. (image courtesy M-City, Mamutt Arte, and Cauce Ciudano)

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SEGO in Mexico City (VIDEO Premiere)

Street Artist Talks About the Mexican Mural Tradition and “Simbionte”

Mexico City is plastered with plazas, throbbing with thoroughfares, and well stocked with statues of the Virgin of Guadalupe. It also has an active decentralized street art scene that is informed by it’s muralist history of the last century as well as the emerging international style.

SEGO in video still from “Simbionte”

And while the greater area of the city in the valley holds about 21 million people, you can spend and afternoon unperturbed in a downtown commercial square next to the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC Chapultepec), and wreck a wall with a few cans and a blackbook sketch.

SEGO in Mexico City in video still from “Simbionte”

Street Artist SEGO, an easy going and determined Street Artist, hops up and down the ladder, jogging back a few meters to check his progress and zooms back to the wall to build his image.  As is common in work on the street, people stop by to comment, ask questions, and in one case, to sing a tribute to the art and the artist.

An impromptu musical tribute to SEGO in video still from “Simbionte”

In cooperation with Gonzalo Alvarez at MAMUTT and Filmaciones de la Ciudad, SEGO debuts his new piece here on BSA just for you.

SEGO IN MEXICO Part II from Filmaciones de la Ciudad on Vimeo.

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Fun Friday 10.21.11


1. RADICAL! at Munch Gallery Tonight
2. Ryan Ford at Factory Fresh Tonight
3. Get Your Smashing Pumpkins on At Crest Arts Saturday
4. Rob Andrews at English Kills Saturday
5. Skullphone Curates “Pure Logo” at New Image Art Saturday (LA)
6. Homo Riot at Hold Up Gallery (LA) (NSFW)
7. Loving You Was Crazy Shit (VIDEO) by Swedish Street Artist Nils Petter Löfstedt
8. SEGO in Mexico City (VIDEO)

RADICAL! at Munch Gallery Tonight

Albany based Street Artist Radical! has his first solo show, “Upside Down Frowns” opening  today at the Munch Gallery in Manhattan.


Radical! in Coney Island, Brooklyn. Summer 2011 (photo © Jaime Rojo)

For more information regarding this show please click on the link below:

Keith Schweitzer of MANY filmed and edited this time lapse of Radical! getting up in Coney Island:

Ryan Ford at Factory Fresh Tonight

Ryan Ford’s solo show “Don’t Try To Play Me Like An Indoor Sport” opens today at Factory Fresh in Bushwick, Brooklyn. We are very happy to see this esteemed gallery back after a long Summer hiatus.brooklyn-street-art-WEB-ryan-ford-factory-fresh-gallery

From the gallery’s press release: “An artist known for comic symbolic abstraction, Ford delves a bit deeper into his psyche while titillating the mind with streaks of quiet violence and provocative tranquility”

For more information regarding this show click on the link below:

Get Your Smashing Pumpkins on At Crest Arts Saturday

This Saturday is for carving pumpkins and the right place to do this venerable Autumn tradition is in the garden patio at Crest Hardware in Williamsburg. Franklin the Pig will be hosting and probably eating pumpkin guts that spill out of your jack-o-lantern. There’s a carving contest too and you’ll have some pre-Halloween fun before going out to get smashed.


Says Joe the Impresario: “Come on by, have a glass of cider (with rum, if you want) check out the creativity and enjoy what fall should be all about”

For more information regarding this event click on the link below:

Rob Andrews at English Kills Saturday

Performance and Visual Artist Rob Andrews’ solo show “Door Work” opens on Saturday at English Kills in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Promptly at 8:00 PM Mr. Andrews will begin his performance of Ant-Bird 2.


From the gallery’s press release: “Ant–Bird 2, is a ritual designed to open a spiritual and metaphysical door using the power of blood, sweat, spit, and the vocal power of a human chorus”

For more information regarding this show please click on the link below:

Skullphone Curates “Pure Logo” at New Image Art Saturday (LA)

In Los Angeles, New Image Art Gallery group show “Pure Logo” opens on Saturday. This show is curated by Skullphone.


From the gallery’s press release: “PURE LOGO explores the omnipresence, necessity, form and functionality of logos as they metamorphose to communicate within increasingly brief discourses”

For more information regarding this show please click on the link below:

Homo Riot at Hold Up Gallery (LA) (NSFW)

El Angeleno Bad Boy Homo Riot solo show “Fist Pump” opens on Saturday at Hold Up Gallery.


Homo Riot (photo © Jaime Rojo)

From the the gallery press release: “Homo Riot’s message started out as a “fuck you” to the supporters of Prop 8, but has morphed into something larger and more profound; seen now as an emblem of pride and strength to the gay community”

Photographer and BSA collaborator Carlos Gonzales visited the artist’s studio while he was prepping for his show and he shares these behind the scenes images with BSA readers: Possibly NSFW.


Homo Riot (photo © Carlos Gonzalez)


Homo Riot (photo © Carlos Gonzalez)


Homo Riot (photo © Carlos Gonzalez)


Homo Riot (photo © Carlos Gonzalez)

For more information regarding this show please click on the link below:

Loving You Was Crazy Shit (VIDEO) by Swedish Street Artist Nils Petter Löfstedt

SEGO in Mexico City (VIDEO)

A new video from Gonzalo Alvarez at MAMUTT and Filmaciones de la Ciudad

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M.City in M. City : Polish Stencillist in Mexico

MAMUTT Arte and the Antique Toy Museum of Mexico (MUJAM) are continuing in their quest to invite the emerging slate of Street Art talents of today to bomb big time in their beloved Mexico City (D.F.). Last month Polish Street Artist M-City did 6 pieces to accompany the existing pieces by ROA, Liqen, Broken Crow, Koko, and Dronz among others.

Invited by Gonzalo Alvarez of MAMUUT, here are exclusive images of the creation of M-City working on his piece in Mexico City, where the large scale stencillist shared sketches of his work in progress with some local fans of his work.

Read our interview with M-City when he was in frozen New York in January 2010 here.

brooklyn-street-art-mcity-mujam-mexico-city-gonzalo-alvarez-15-webM-City (photo © Gonzalo Alvarez)


The orange scaffolding is a great contrast to the graphic new piece going up by M-City (photo © Gonzalo Alvarez)


M-City has a stylized stencil tag. (photo © Gonzalo Alvarez)


M-City (photo © Gonzalo Alvarez)


M-City (photo © Gonzalo Alvarez)


A broken skate deck becomes a perfect canvas for M-City (photo © Gonzalo Alvarez)


Afloat in the wheels and cogs of industry. M-City (photo © Gonzalo Alvarez)


Evidently, the feeling is mutual. M-City (photo © Gonzalo Alvarez)


M-City (photo © Gonzalo Alvarez)


M-City (photo © Gonzalo Alvarez)


M-City (photo © Gonzalo Alvarez)


New M-City pieces proudly displayed. (photo © Gonzalo Alvarez)


The finished collaged stencil piece by M-City (photo © Gonzalo Alvarez)

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Broken Crow: A Mexican Travelog Part II


Brooklyn-Street-Art-Broken-Crow-WEB-Mexico-copyright-Broken-Crow-lion-animationHere’s an update for the trip to Mexico City by Street Art duo Broken Crow, who have been hitting up some walls in this gigante city of 30 million.

Guests of El Museo del Juguete Antiguo México (The Antique Toy Museum) in collaboration with MAMUTT Arte, John Grider and Mike Fitzsimmons are taking in the local color and creating some of their own.

Says John about the lion and lion cub piece they worked on all day Tuesday, “Today we’re painting the perfect spot for the perfect stencil.”


Broken Crow process shot (photo © Broken Crow)


The brand new finished piece by Broken Crow. (photo © Broken Crow)


A cell phone shot of the owl that will be watching over cars in the basement parking lot. Broken Crow (photo © Broken Crow)


Broken Crow. When you are in Mexico City you really can’t pass up an opportunity to see a live Luchadores match. (photo © Broken Crow)


We’re really looking forward to seeing this finished piece after the scaffolding comes down today. (photo © Broken Crow)


A couple of friends who are waiting for their place on stage. (photo © Broken Crow)

With special thanks to Roberto Shimizu of MUJAM and Gonzalo Alvarez of Mamutt Arte


All images copyright of and courtesy of Broken Crow

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Broken Crow : A Mexican Travelog


Minneapolis Street Art duo Broken Crow are in Mexico City for the first time to install a number of new pieces with Street Artists SupaKitch and Koralie.  Guests of El Museo del Juguete Antiguo México (The Antique Toy Museum) in collaboration with MAMUTT Arte, John and Mike invite the BSA family to tag along with these impromptu snaps as they discover inspiration on the streets of D.F.  So far they are pretty blown away by the stuff they’ve seen in the museum and in the streets.  It will be exciting to see how it affects their output on walls.

With special thanks to Roberto Shimizu of MUJAM and Gonzalo Alvarez of Mamutt Arte


John calls this “Your Morning Inspiration”Brooklyn-Street-Art-Broken-Crow-Mar2011-Our-new-friends

A look inside a closet at the Antique Toy Museum


“El Enmascarado de Plata” (The Silver Masked Luchador)


Roberto and Mike mugging for the camera. What’s the Spanish translation for mind on the money and money on the mind”?


A little blurry but it’s a cool detail from a larger piece Mike found in the museum.


Here’s the view down from the scaffolding as Broken Crow was scoping out the new gigante piece they started today.  We’ll show you the progress on the next Mexican Travelog!


All images copyright of and courtesy of Broken Crow

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