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BSA Film Friday: 06.18.21

BSA Film Friday: 06.18.21

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Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening:
1. “FAME”, the Italian Street Art Festival Documentary
2. Jersey City Artists at Work Painting for the first Mural Festival Here
3. “UNSATISFYING” Looks at Frustration with Smart Whimsy

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BSA Special Feature: “FAME”, the Italian Street Art Festival Documentary, Not the American Teen Drama Film

Everyone likes to declare that they were the first in graffiti and street art, before it was cool, when it was cool, before there was even a name for it, when things were pure, and pure genius. Everyone and everything after them and then are just shit. And gurrrrll, you better claim that legacy.

For FAME, launched during the late 2000s in Grattaglie, Puglia, Angelo Milano was always the center of a scene he created, enticing international street artists with promises of collaborations, big walls, big opportunities, big plates of delicious local cuisine. With his festival, he formed a club of exclusivity, and once successful, he slammed the door shut on the legacy, never again repeated. Later he became a gallery owner who sells artworks of most of them plus a new crop.

Lusciously self-aggrandized as an “evil genius” in this documentary, co-produced with Giacomo Abbruzzese, the swanning and sexy comic Milano brings himself into the middle of it all – and it all goes with him.

Jose Mertz at Jersey City Mural Festival 2021. Via Tost Films

A quick behind the scenes view of artist Jose Mertz last week in Jersey City, shot and edited by Tost Films. Most impressive perhaps is the techniques he uses to wash with color, gradually and subtly building mass and form of wild creature indeed.

UNSATISFYING” Looks at Frustration with Smart Whimsy

Parallel Studio produces this short animated film that brilliantly captures those situations when we experience the frustration of failing at performing small tasks. It’s annoyingly adorable, and everyone can relate.

Sort of satisfying, really.

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Fun Friday 10.08.10

Fun Friday 10.08.10


Fun Friday

Erik Burke and Cahil Muraguh

“This Land Is My Land”brooklyn-street-art-MY-LAND-erik-burke-cahil-muraghu-17-frost-gallery1

Experimental show space 17 Frost in Brooklyn tonight hosts the opening of a show that summons Woody Guthrie from the ethers to talk about a time when average working American citizens were asserting their right over resources from multinational companies. An unconventional mashup of NYC graffiti and Hudson River School this show boldly challenges you to make connections where you didn’t know there were any.  Reconciling urban abstract with pastoral landscapes can’t be easy, but when both are your influences you are bound to find the is a germ of something new.

Ride ‘Em Cowboy – Beast & Berlusconi

Furious Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has ordered in inquiry after 16 giant posters showing him riding young models like horses sprung up overnight in Milan.

The faked images – some showing the playboy PM beating the girls’ bottoms with a riding crop – are said to be the work of a local Banksy-style street artist called Beast.

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Mundano Modifies Political Posters in Brazil

In another politically engaged Street Art take on graphic messaging in the public sphere, Brazilian Street Artist Mundano is re-styling posters for the  Presidential elections currently taking place in Brazil.

Know Hope in Toronto Tonight

Street Artist Know Hope is currently in Toronto for tonight’s opening of his solo show “There Is Nothing Dear (There Is Too Much Dear)” at the Show and Tell Gallery.  “I’m really excited about this show and the pieces in it. Toronto is also a really cool city,” says the artist.

brooklyn-street-art-know-hope-show -and-tell-gallery

Skewville charms the French

Or at least that’s what Adam says he did.

FAME Wrap Up Video

Italy was once again treated to some of the best worldwide large scale installations of work by Street Artists in one place for the FAME festival. Here is a summary of the scene.

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Fun Friday 09.17.10


Fun Friday 09.17.10


Faile Introduces Book to Celebrate First 10 Years

Ducking flying branches from the sudden tornado that ripped through Brooklyn late yesterday afternoon, the Faile dudes made their way to a small brightly lit spot on the Lower East Side that featured a dazzling and rich assault on the senses. The colorful graphic overview of the first ten years working together is expressed in large prints that check off all the Faile vocabulary that has come into existence since their beginnings as students and then on the street – where the impact on their creativity was most heavily evident.

The book is similarly dense and a treat beyond belief. You can see it all, and buy one if you like, at 151 Orchard Street today and tomorrow.


Nick Walker Commemorates Pope’s Visit to the Queen

From The Londonist, this picture by Zara Shirwan of Mr. Walker in front of a brand new piece he’s done of the current head of the Catholic Church.

Only bit of confusion is the 2009 date next to the piece…but maybe that was intentional?

More here:


Wiiiillllllld Horses Couldn’t Drag Me Awaaayyyyyy – Minnesota Road Art!

From Brooklyn artist Luisa Caldwell comes this galloping roadside image for drivers along the intersection of US-8 & I-95 in Franconia Sculpture Park in Minnesota.


Running Fence: Scenic Route is a 10ft x 44ft free-standing sculpture installation of a wood wall with four spliced together commercially manufactured wall murals by Luisa Caldwell.

B oris Hoppek Street Performance at the FAME Festival

You ever notice those people who seem to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders? Poor Boris…

Wiiiillllllld Horses

Come on Mick, sing us a song

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Fun Friday 09.03.10


Fun Friday 09/03/10

C215 and Eelus are in Brooklyn This Weekend


Brooklynite Gallery, deep in Bedstuy, creates a certain lively tension with  two Street Art tricksters in this duo Euro show.

Parisian C215 continues to exceed expectations, which isn’t easy because he has already set them pretty high as a world class urban stencillist with  portraits that glow from within uncannily, summoning more empathy than a Jerry Lewis telethon.  The vastly more light-hearted Eelus guards the class impudent role – combining youthful humor, technologic fantasy, and a bit of antsy-lad sexual tension in his starkly popish compositions. A rewarding and rich show, “Paradise Lost” is another solid and smashing Street Art /gallery show that doesn’t compromise either one.

Kid Acne “Stabby Women” New Zine and Video

Word the heck up.The Stabby invasion is here…

Image Courtesy of the Artist

STABBY WOMEN – 52 Page Fanzine & Postcard Set, edition of 250

Stabby Women”  – a project of serendipity that started in São Paulo includes the female battalion of over five hundred Stabby Women now patrolling our streets amongst the hustle and bustle of New York, Paris, Barcelona, Munich and London – peering from the bottom of doorways, subtly patrolling their domain.

Learn more about this Kid Acne project directly from the artist here

Countdown to FAME

FAME Festival Begins This Month in Italy

A stunning array of street artists from around the world have been gathering over the summer to do large-scale and high quality installations leading up to the FAME Festival, starting September 25. Included in the lineup are JR , ERICA IL CANE , SAM3 , NUNCA , BLU , OS GEMEOS , BORIS HOPPEK , ESCIF , 108 , DALEK , NICOLA TOFFOLINI , LUCY MCLAUCHLAN , SWOON , SLINKACHU , CYOP E KAF ,DAVID ELLIS ,VHILS , BEN WOLF , WORD TO MOTHER , MOMO , and BASTARDILLA.

As told by our friends at, “The festival now is in it’s third year and is set to be bigger and better ” Read more at      (image of MOMO ©


Shepard Fairey in San Diego for Viva La Revolucion

“The thing with Street Art is you can’t be too precious about it.  It’s ephemeral.”

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Fun Friday 07.23.10


Fun Friday Brooklyn Street Art

MOMO at the Fame Festival in Italy


American Street Artist MOMO has been working with abstract, geometric and modernist elements on scaffoldings and walls in New York for a few years.  This new video of his participation in the FAME festival shows his sense of humor, command of negative space, and sophistication of placement.

Somebunny’s Getting Up in Seoul

Actually he’s back in New York now but while in Korea studying about public art for the last month, Gaia put up a number of brand new pieces, all in color, and all deeply rooted in the culture, art history, and traditional symbolism of his host as well as the western world.  So it’s not just about a rabbit?
Brooklyn-Street-Art-Copyright-Gaia-Korea-July2010 “Sunrise Neighbor” (image © Gaia)

In the video for another piece we see Gaia’s “Ungnyeo in Namdaemun”

“The body of Ungnyeo is composed of buddhist cloud motifs and the center of the massive body has an oval silhouette to signify the womb flanked by two strong inwardly turned hands. The earth woman is then hybridized with the supremacy of the sky to institute the female figure into a role of reproduction versus reception. Within this new iteration of the ancient narrative, the woman animal becomes the most prominent figure of genesis.”

Billi Kid New Vid with Carlito Brigante

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