Library Street Collective Presents: Revok “Ordinary Things” (Detroit, Michigan)


Please join us in Detroit, Michigan this Friday, November 2, 2012 for


Library Street Collective

1260 Library Street in downtown Detroit, MI. 48226

313.600.7443 /

The artist reception will take place on Friday, November 2 from 810pm.

Never in the history of art has a new genre become so adventurous, honest and powerful in such a short time.  The artist REVOK sits at the forefront of this movement.  His dedication, skill and determination have garnered him the respect and adoration of his peers.  His meticulous attention to detail and willingness to step outside of the lines and his comfort zone not only make him a rebel, but a leader, a pathfinder and a trailblazer in the graffiti art world.  Now as a fine artist, REVOK does this with grace and craftsmanship. Rearranging the memories, messages, words, warnings, colors and textures into coherent patterns with an honest and meaningful message. 

These most recent works by REVOK are of particular importance for the city we call home, the city adopted by this artist. Each work consists of material cultivated and cultured in the city of Detroit. Each piece masterfully placed  among  its neighbors to tell a story of growth, inspiration and triumph. Each piece displaced from an urban tomb and certain death, given new life in a work of art that reminds us, exactly how beautiful this city is.  It signifies a rebirth of rebirth, a preservation of decay, encapsulating time and propelling it into a new age.

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Gilf! Sows Flowers in the Urban Wild

A one woman urban renewal project, Street Artist Gilf! has been prettifying the decay in a few cities over the last year or so with hand made fluorescent blooms. Not purely decorative, she thinks of them as sculptural, a public works project, and a sort of rorschach test that reveals as much about the audience as the artist. As with any artworks put out on the street, the public will render a verdict. In New York, they ride for about a minute before someone rips them off the wall – to take home in many cases. Also, New Yorkers don’t like “pretty” as much as they like tough stuff – skulls, violence, brooding, etc. With recent blooms popping up inside abandoned buildings, it will be interesting to see how long the garden grows.

We’ve collected a number of these for you to look at together, a sort of urban bouquet for Tuesday. While not wholely representative of Gilf!s various ventures on the street, these installations have a certain signature that’s revealed through these shots from Brooklyn, Baltimore, and Detroit.

Gilf! “Nature Will Overcome Us”. (photo © Gilf!)

Gilf! “Nature Will Overcome Us” Detail. (photo © Steimer)

Gilf! in Bushwick, Brooklyn. (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Gilf! in Baltimore. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Gilf! girds the beard. (photo © Jaime Rojo)



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The Superior Bugout Presents: Monty and The Boozehound “The Never Gonna Cry Tour” (Detroit, Michigan)

Monty and The Boozehound

When: Friday August 17, 2012, doors open at 7 pm bands at 8 pm.

Where: 1480 Gratiot Ave. Detroit MI (Free Parking the back lot)

How much: $3

On Friday August 17, 2012 at 7 pm The Superior Bugout presents an evening with artwork by a traveling duo working under their hobo moniker aliases “Monty” and “The Boozehound” sharing their photos, sculptures, and diatribes of the road along with very loud live sounds produced by Detroit’s own Sheefy Mcfly, Pupils, Mexican Knives, LT Dan and The Sugarcoats.

Monty and The Boozehound left Baltimore earlier in the Summer, traveling across America’s northeast corridor, southern and midwestern states stealing freight train rides and paint.  Along the way they’ve reworked the visual landscapes of the towns they passed through with colorful signage and roller pieces, now pausing to take part in the current artistic renaissance taking place in “surreal urban ruin of Detroit’s streets” as The Boozehound puts it. “Detroit is a lot like camping.” Monty says in his North Carolina drawl, “it’s intense!”

This event will take place in the newly renovated space at 1480 Gratiot Ave, self titled Fourteen-Eighty Gallery in downtown Detroit’s Eastern Market.

Through the creation of a new venue for alternative and underground expression Fourteen-Eighty Gallery is a vision recently renewed by gun enthusiast and local Detroiter Miles Michaels and will continue to be able to be part of the growing arts community in downtown Detroit.

The Superior Bugout seeks to bring a synergy of sight and sound, combining elements of the streets with contemporary sound visionaries. The party aesthetic comes from Brooklyn based multimedia artist Andrew H. Shirley, who’s been spending the Summer in Detroit bathing in the Detroit River and assisting Mr. Michaels in the growth of the gallery space.

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