InDecline HighJacks Billboards: New School Shooting in Nashville. 3 Children Among 6 Dead.

When securing a free-for-all approach to assault rifles via the 2nd Amendment, you will find an endless stream of people arguing for it on right-wing radio and television these days. The messages all seem mixed, however, and many are fueled by a righteous no-holds-barred rage that disparages thoughtful discussion and considered opinions. No wonder people are fighting, sometimes with guns.

Also, protect life.

Original billboards in Jackson, TN. (photo © Indecline)

“There’s an awful lot of time spent arguing about what a bunch of dead dudes in wigs intended for us, without grappling with the fact these same dudes also intended slavery and pantaloons,” say the philosophizing scribes behind the anonymous InDecline billboard highjacking we feature today on BSA.

About the US daily gun slaughter, today’s in Nashville, InDecline shares their recent re-writing of text on the side-by-side billboards that adorn this Tennessean highway.

Indecline. Billboards intervention in Jackson, TN. (photo © Indecline)

Websters defines Irony as “the use of words to express something other than and especially the opposite of the literal meaning.”

The sad irony is the politicized rhetoric that prizes life before birth – often later ignores or strips it of humanity when a child is a neighbor. We have high rates of child poverty, child hunger, and, thanks to the primarily religious leaders in the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and the various wings of the organized church, child sex abuse. Save the children, indeed.

“Don’t shoot the messenger!” says InDecline in its press release.

Indecline. Billboards intervention in Jackson, TN. (photo © Indecline)