Fight Asian Hate and the Fight Ahead

As the celebrations of the Lunar New Year come to an end on Sunday and the Year of the Rabbit begins its cycle, we’re reminded of the hardships that the Asian Community is experiencing right now.

Hate crimes against our brothers and sisters are being committed at an alarming rate here in NYC and in more cities around the country. Perhaps aided and abetted by the notoriously racist-in-chief Trump, a misled horde of ignorant individuals continue to think that attacking community members is something they must do to vent their anger. More than ever in most people’s memory, the poor and working class are being scammed by political leaders, rapacious corporations, and a media in lambs’ clothing.  

Calicho Art. Fight Asian Hate. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

While we’re busy fighting each other, they have worked so hard on “both sides” of the aisle for four decades to shred our social net, to decimate even the most basic federal and local benefits that immigrant families and the working poor rightly deserve, abolishing laws that once protected us. Creating distractions is an old and effective trick used for centuries by the people in power to get away with their scams and to cling to power at the expense of those less fortunate.  Let’s be clear about this fight.

A great piece by Calicho Art helps drive home the message.

Here’s to a Happy New Lunar Year!