MP5 in Italy : Stressed Out Magpies and Carrot-Chasing Rabbits

A big spoon full of sugar – that’s what keeps the sweetness in the appearance of these two public art bus stop pieces from MP5 in Italy. Once assessed, you may see the bitter critique of modern norms that are portrayed in festive sunny tones.


MP5 . For Arte Inattesa. Detail. Gaeta, Italy (photo © Flavia Fiengo)

First is the frantic anxiety ridden magpie who is waiting nervously for the bus, so terrorized by time, so worried of missing the worm, so fearful of being pecked by an angry bird boss.

Below is the second pleasantly bright and flat scene of the mask-wearing role-playing go-getting company man. Sadly, he is so conditioned to react to reward that unless he dons his fake façade and dangles his own carrot he cannot rapidly chase those highly valued results.

And what are those results, exactly?

MP5 says the title of the the project is TEMPUS FUGIT, which is meant to reflect on the precariousness of our lives, liberty and the meaning we give to time.


MP5 . For Arte Inattesa. Detail. Gaeta, Italy (photo © Flavia Fiengo)


MP5 . For Arte Inattesa. Gaeta, Italy (photo © Flavia Fiengo)


MP5 . For Arte Inattesa. Gaeta, Italy (photo © Flavia Fiengo)


MP5  at work on a second bus shelter for Arte Inattesa this time in Formia, Italy. (photo © Flavia Fiengo)


MP5 . For Arte Inattesa. Detail. Formia, Italy (photo © Flavia Fiengo)


MP5 . For Arte Inattesa. Formia, Italy (photo © Flavia Fiengo)

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