SEBS 3-D Prints Fine Cuisine in Lisbon

Remember when Charles Wallace couldn’t taste the food offered by the man with the red eyes because he had completely shut his mind to him in Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time? The food was made of sand but Meg and Calvin had opened their minds to the man’s control and he made their brains think the food was a tasty turkey dinner.

Now in 2023 the Portuguese Illustrator/UX-UI designer/street artist SEBS tells us that soon we will be able to 3-D print our food from insect flour. Anything you want – a juicy burger for example.

Craving a true Valencian paella – chewy, crunchy, caramelized with shrimp, calamari, mussels, and bright green veggies? Dial it up.

How about a steaming bowl of Caldo verde with potatoes, chorizo and kale on a cold day? Enter the code.

SEBS – Lisbon, Portugal. (photo courtesy from the artist)

An elegant filet mignon steak with fork-tender texture and mild flavor or a Thanksgiving turkey dinner with gravy and mashed potatoes? Just open your mind!

“It is a parody of television cooking shows that project false expectations of refined cuisine that is accessible to all the viewers,” SEBS tells us. “The only ingredients needed to create one of  several gastronomic dishes are insect flour and water,” he says “Insect flour is there as a pseudo source of protein, or not.”

Bom apetite!

SEBS – Lisbon, Portugal. (photo courtesy from the artist)
SEBS – Lisbon, Portugal. (photo courtesy from the artist)