Indecline Vs. Making Bill Cosby a Great Show Time

We need to talk about men who abuse power, are supported by people looking the other way, and who expect to get away with it. This is not the Stone Age and we hold people accountable when they abuse women sexually – is that a revolutionary idea?

It’s a familiar critique in this new billboard-jacking by anonymous INDECLINE, who corrects the sentiment of Showtime’s ad for a shock-u-mentary series they’re promoting at the moment, and presumably profiting off of.

Gen Z grew up distrusting everyone, and who can blame them. Even foundational issues that affect our daily lives are sensationally packaged and sold.

Original billboard. Hollywood, California. (photo © Indecline Official)

We also need to talk about so-called “media” who try to coat their profit motive with a sheen of “journalism” or “community service”.

The corporate media quiver with excitement every time a new war is on the horizon. They dutifully “reported” with feigned outrage the orange man as he degraded his office, attacked our institutions, and debased everyone in his path daily, hourly – covering each sad development without true examination till the next commercial.

Indecline. Hollywood, California. (photo © Indecline Official)
Indecline. Hollywood, California. (photo © Indecline Official)

Like comedian Michelle Wolf said in that famous White House correspondents dinner a few years ago, “ I think that no one in this room wants to admit that Trump has helped all of you… he’s helped you sell your papers and your books and your TV. You helped create this monster and now you are profiting off him.

“The billboard was vandalized late Sunday night and is located on Fairfax Avenue & 6th Street,” the group says in an email, adding “We needed to talk about Cosby decades ago.”

Indecline. Hollywood, California. (photo © Indecline Official)