BSA Film Friday: 11.19.21

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Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening:
1. Monumental Shadows: Rethinking Colonial Heritage
2. Os Gemeos: Secrets – Ep. 03

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BSA Special Feature: Monumental Shadows: Rethinking Colonial Heritage

Last month we covered this Berlin-based project addressing the staining effect of colonialism and racism on everything we see and the structures that we interact with and are formed by today in so-called Western culture. To see the documentary progression of the project and hear the voices of those who executed it is powerful – and instructive.

“We have to deal with people who feel entitled to exclude other people from participation, from conversation, from civil rights, from society, from history,” say Various and Gould.

Brilliant pieces and campaigns like this that require so much time and energy and resources are carefully planned and considered, and quietly have the opportunity and potential to change hearts and minds – even to alter the course of history.

Read more about the project here: Various & Gould Tackle Racism and Colonialism in Berlin with “Monumental Shadows”


“It’s nice that the story isn’t made from one point of view. There are many accounts, and from various elements,” says artist Soberana Ziza, and you suddenly realize that this is the very dynamic that makes this series by OSGEMEOS about Hip Hop so ardently insistent on grabbing your attention, and communicating the steely core of a culture born from our common streets.

There are many voices that make a scene, and not only the loudest ones, and that is an important quality that gives such resonance to this scene over time, wherever it grows. Here we get a brief look at the inherent misogyny evidenced in society generally, and therefore in the culture of Hip Hop specifically.

Are we surprised? “What place is not hostile to women,?” asks Soberana Ziza.