Grumpy Elf: Lapiz in Hamburg Says “Go Shopping!”

Are you finding it challenging to get excited about Christmas this year? Santa says “Go Shopping”!

Lapiz says, “Alles für das BIP” or “All is for the GDP (Gross Domestic Product)”

Lapiz. AllHailTheGDP. Hamburg, Germany. (photo courtesy of the artist)

This grouchy-looking elf by Lapiz in this shopping district in the Sankt Pauli district in Hamburg Germany doesn’t look like he wants to be helpful. The stenciled piece is only in a t-shirt and a grimace in this normally busy area. His T-shirt lists the cultural items that are all restricted because of Covid.

But shopping? That is allowed.

“What really matters to society, what really counts – and what defines the system – is the ever-growing economy,” Lapiz opines. “We shall reduce our social contacts so we can consume. Restaurants and Bars need to close, socialising and eating is not important anymore, neither is culture. Even worse it is punishable.”

“All hail the GDP,” says Lapiz, “Who needs to be happy anyway?”