MP5: “Millennials” Holding Up the Future and Past in Rome

“I wanted to go back to the millennial roots of public and monumental art,” MP5 tells us about the inspiration for the new intervention in Torpignattara entitled “Millennials”. The Naples born Roman artist draws upon contemporary themes as well as classical in their 2D black and white iconic paintings, always with a hint of theatrical scene-making.


MP5 “Millennials” for Wunderkammern in Rome. March 2016. (photo © Nino Russo)

In reference to the new pillars that appear to be holding up the roof on this building, MP5 tells us that the inspiration came from the carved female forms of the The Caryatid Porch at the Athens’ Acropolis around 400 BC.

Reinterpreting classical mythology with an eye on contemporary political and cultural crises and developments has driven much of MP5s work in public murals in many cities in countries such as Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia and Sweden.


MP5 “Millennials” for Wunderkammern in Rome. March 2016. (photo © Nino Russo)

With “Millennials” the artist has just finished in Rome as part of her exhibition “Of Changes” at Wunderkammern Gallery, MP5 says they enjoyed the interaction the folks from the neighborhood while she painted. “Some sounded enthusiastic. Others asked me lots of questions about the meaning of it. In the end everybody was very nice and people from the neighborhood brought me food and treats all the time – or they would just pass by to check if everything was ok.”

Our special thanks to Wunderkammern for these exclusive images to share with BSA readers.


MP5 “Millennials” for Wunderkammern in Rome. March 2016. (photo © Martina Ruggeri)


MP5 “Millennials” for Wunderkammern in Rome. March 2016. (photo © Martina Ruggeri)


MP5 painted this wall in conjunction with his exhibition at “Of Changes” currently on view at Wunderkammern Gallery in Rome. Click HERE for further information.

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