#8 Wish: BSA Reader Stan Sudol; 12 Wishes for 2012

For twelve days we’re presenting twelve wishes for 2012 as told by an alternating roster of artists and BSA readers, in no particular order. Together, they are a tiny snapshot of the people who are part of the street art scene around the world today. Individually, each adds their personal expression of hope for tomorrow.

Today’s wish comes from a BSA reader named Stan Sudol, our 2nd Place Winner in the 2011 BSA Holiday Giveaway. Along with an original photograph of the this mural in Miami by his friend, Street Artist Joe Iurato, Stan sends this encouragement to artists everywhere.

“I wish that all my friends who strive everyday to create and live truly art-filled lives can understand completely the immense respect, awe and love I have for their determination and resilience in the face of a world that regards art as a secondary occupation…and the fact they still get inspired to create after back-breaking, soul crushing and demoralizing day jobs…I wish they wake up and realize people still give a sh*t about what they do.”

Joe Iurato (photo © Stan Sudol)