#Tag Street Art in Tel Aviv / Dispatch From Isolation # 9

Here are new pieces on street walls from the Street Artist named #Tag in Israel, who is interpreting art-world and TV icons through the lense of the current Covid-19 crises. With new pieces on the street in Tel Aviv, Bat Yam, and Jaffa, these three are as international as they are local.

@tagstreetart “After Breaking Bad” Tel-Aviv. March 2020 (Photo © TagStreetArt)

We asked him about these new pieces and his experience in the last few days as a Street Artist in Isreal, where new coronavirus guidelines are edging the country closer to total shut down .

@tagstreetart “After Magritte”. Detail. Tel-Aviv. March 2020 (Photo © TagStreetArt)

Brooklyn Street Art: Has it been difficult to do work on the street, or has it been easier?  
#Tag: I will describe it more like weird. I pasted all the three works at the beginning of the Coronavirus in Israel. I think after the Breaking Bad work, a few days after, the quarantine started. In general, it was kind of the same, but a weird feeling in general, like literally the virus was in the air.

@tagstreetart “After Magritte” Tel-Aviv. March 2020 (Photo © TagStreetArt)

Brooklyn Street Art: What do you hope people will experience when they discover your work?
: In general all my messages are meant with a sense of humor. I believe that art should deliver positive messages but not necessarily in an obvious way. I saw that that’s exactly what happened with my works, from things people have said on social media, and I am very happy about that. 
During these days we need to stay positive, and after almost a full quarantine I started to create digital works and use Facebook / Instagram as my digital wall 🙂

@tagstreetart “After Frida” Tel-Aviv. March 2020 (Photo © TagStreetArt)