Levitating Lister in Wynwood

You ever feel as if you are levitating above the sidewalk when walking through the city? It happens. Maybe you just got Tui-Na in Chinatown and your spinal column is especially stretched and tall. Maybe your girlfriend just told you that you are definitely The One and your head is in the clouds. Maybe you are high on opioids.

Hard to say exactly how we felt when walking in Wynwood, Miami last month when we saw this figure from Anthony Lister on the sidewalk across the street from the new Museum of Graffiti.

Anthony Lister. Wynwood, Miami. December 2019. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

We’d seen the big Lister tag that accompanied this on the wall above it, smashed alongside the work of so many other artists up and down the block that have occurred since Director Alan Ket and his amazing team opened the museum during Art Basel Week a month ago.

Maybe because it differentiates itself from the myriad murals around the neighborhood, maybe because his newly abstracted superheroic figure appears to float slightly above the surface, it caught our eye and made an impression – creating a sensation of levitation without heavy optics or heavy hand.

It’s good to know that art on the street can still do that. No surprise it was Lister who pulled it off.