Greg Jager Creates Mural for All “Stagioni” (Seasons) in Turin, Italy

“I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of including vegetation in my artwork,” says Italian painter Greg Jager. “This way the work will never be the same. Every day you will notice differences due to the natural life cycle of the trees in front of it”.

Greg Jager “Stagioni” Turi, Itlay. April 2019. (photo © Michele Pasero)

A mural for all seasons it is; A natural collaboration between the Roman graffuturist and the branch spread of this city tree. Usually you can see the reflections, refractions of architecture in the work of this graffiti writer turned commercial/fine artist. Here in Turin the geometry will frame the organic as the tree continues to go through its life cycle.

The project is possible only by invitation, as Jager is one of three artists awarded by “Collegno SI-CURA” presented by the Municipality of Collegno and curated by Contrada Torino Onlus Foundation.

Greg Jager “Stagioni” Turi, Itlay. April 2019. (photo © Michele Pasero)

Through an international open call, three artists were selected: Greg Jager (ITA), Geometric Bang (ITA) and Himed & Reyben (USA / MEX). Each artist was invited to create an urban art painting and to direct a workshop in collaboration with Collegno schools and citizens of Turin.