BSA Film Friday: 11.30.18


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :
1. RUN: Bye Bye Dolphin
2. RERO: Installation in situ – Desert d’Agafay – Montresso Art Foundation
3. Street Atelier: L’Atlas
4. Street Atelier: DOES


BSA Special Feature: RUN: Bye Bye Dolphin!

“Where’s my dolphin?”

“The dolphin is gone,” says street artist RUN on this London wall as school kids run and roll past him.

You wonder when you see these murals that we publish week after week what it must be like for a Street Artist to interact with the public while painting. The truth is, it varies from city to city – people can be quite timid. Or blithely disinterested. Or loquacious, opinionated, even invasive.

Not only do you have to orchestrate your idea, plan the logistics, and execute your vision, you have to be this agreeable sociologist who takes all commentary in stride and even occasionally have a meaningful exchange. It’s up to you. And its up to the street.

In this new video by RUN we have the opportunity to see the interactions of people on the street with the artist in London, and it can be very illuminating.

You may recognize the finished piece from our posting in August; “RUN” Plunders Subtle Summer Bourgeoisie Hypocrisies at the Beach



RERO: Installation in situ – Desert d’Agafay – Montresso Art Foundation

Ahh, to gaze upon the Atlas mountains across the desert in Marakesh in April. Anything but stressful. Yet..

French Street Artist and conceptual artist RERO can as easily be inside as outside, urban and, as you can see here, rural.

Balancing the image negation of his text based works, these installations with Montresso Foundation and Jardin Rouge show how the artist defines the space, adapting and adopting the context as actor.

Here are a couple of insightful, high quality videos from and their web series STREET ATELIER in cooperation with ARTE CREATIVE, featuring the artists L’Atlas and DOES.


Street Atelier: L’Atlas


Street Atelier: DOES