MONUMENTA Opens: The Intelligence Of Many / Leipzig

MONUMENTA: The Intelligence Of Many.

Below is an excerpt from our press release on this weekend’s MONUMENTA TALKS which BSA is hosting for the opening of the Monumenta exhibition in these massive halls of a tool-making factory that has laid quiet for 20 years:

Utopia is not dead! The idea of it anyway.

It may simply be obscured by the clutter of this dystopian era. We’ve all been imagining what Utopia looks like since your parents were kids. Visions of moon landings, living in geodesic domes, flying on skateboards, printing your own food, hacking time and space, making love to robots – we’ve all thought of our versions of Utopia.”

Vikor Frešo. Angry Boy in what we are now calling “The Church”. Monumenta 2018. Leipzig, Germany. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

“Is Utopia now dead? Do we know how to banish Dystopia?

MONUMENTA TALKS entertains and asks you if we can optimize our cities and systems. Does art play an important part? Who gets to decide?

With our guests and the audience we want to revive utopias. Seeking ‘monumental’ and ‘iconic’ ideas for a city/society of the future. We’ll examine the Intelligence-of-Many instead of the Limitation-of-the-Individual for pushing us all forward.”

For information on all events, directions and schedule click on the link below: