Spidertag’s Impromptu GOAL! In Marseille


Call it the ‘World Cup Effect’ as your daily news features rousing updates about wild eyed athletic men kicking a ball on a grassy plane in Russia. How this impacts your day, one cannot be sure, but don’t tell that to your brother-in-law, who is currently screaming something and jumping up and down in front of his living room screen, covered in bi-color grease paint that matches his teams’ kit, a sword in his hand. Or is that a spear?

Spidertag. Marseille, France. June 2018. (photo © Spidertag)

Spanish Street Artist Spidertag is in Marseille, France this week working with Galerie Le Container and late one night he decided to create an impromptu glowing geometric form in the goal cage, floating aloft. This holy apparition of electric string appears on a field very near the Cathedral, so may be some sort of sign perhaps, or a bit of drunken reverie.

Spidertag. Marseille, France. June 2018. (photo © Spidertag)