Live From Stockholm – “BSA Film Weekend” At Magic City: The Art Of Invention

The “Magic City” touring exhibition of a cross section of Street Art and graffiti practitioners has hit Stockholm and we are excited to be there in just a few weeks to host a BSA Film Weekend. There are so many artists using their imagination and ingenuity to transform public space today and some are documenting it through film, bringing us all into the experience to share the magic and get some education along the way.


In addition to the regular film program curated by BSA that has been running through the Dresden, Munich, and Stockholm engagements of Magic City, we’ll be selecting special new examples of inventiveness that are part science, part D.I.Y., and all kinds of mind blowing for the HUGE MAGIC program.

Photo still from Vegan Flava short film: “While They Seek For Solutions”

When we’re not in front of the audience we’re really looking forward to touring the local street scene and meeting new friends and taking in some of the new exhibitions and workshops within “Magic City”, which has broken all kinds of records bringing a wide range of high quality works to enthusiastic audiences thanks to curators Carlo McCormick and Ethel Seno and the rest of the creative team Anni Nocenti, Rainer Verbizh, and Tobias Kunz – all under the direction and forward-thinking vision of director Christoph Scholz. It’s been a complete honor working with this amazing and talented team of visionaries and professionals. We’re also proud that our editor of photography and BSA co-founder Jaime Rojo is one of the artists featured in the exhibition alongside some of his peers and heroes. Rojo has selections of photos especially for kids throughout the show and a photo essay in the sculpture exhibition.

Many of the original “Magic City” team in Dresden three months before the opening in July 2016.

We look forward to meeting you this month in Sweden!

Each Friday BSA readers enjoy thoughtfully curated films; now Stockholm has the opportunity on February 23 and 24 to to experience it LIVE during two lectures at Magic City – which stays open till midnight Friday. Surprises are guaranteed.

Photo still from MOMO short film: “Three Tanget Half Ellipses”

Photo still from AKAY and Brad Downey short film: “Thrash Trap”

BSA Editor in Chief Steven P. Harrington, Magic City Curator Ethel Seno, Chief Curator Carlo McCormick, BSA co-founder and Editor of Photography Jaime Rojo. (Photo © Frank Embacher)

Imagine taking a trip with Steve Harrington and Jaime Rojo through some of their favorite short video pieces from their popular feature: BSA Film Friday. Experimenters, explorers, and dreamers all, you’ll see how today’s street artists are transforming our cities with a certain new kind of inventiveness that is part science and part D.I.Y. Each Friday BSA readers enjoy thoughtfully curated films; now Stockholm has the opportunity to experience it LIVE at Magic City. Surprises are guaranteed.

23 & 24 Februari | Street Art: The Art of Invention | Brooklyn Street Art | Tänk dig att ta en underhållande tur med Steve Harrington och Jaime Rojo genom några av deras favoriter bland korta videobitar från deras populära BSA Film Friday. Äventyrare, upptäckare och drömmare – du kommer se hur dagens Street konstnärer omformar våra städer med en ny typ av uppfinningsrikedom som är delvis vetenskap och delvis D.I.Y. Varje fredag får BSAs följare njuta av de välproducerade filmerna. Nu får stockholmarna möjlighet att uppleva detta LIVE på Magic City. Överraskningar utlovas!

February 23
18-19.30 Film night | Brooklyn Street Art
Open until Midnight
February 24
18-19.30 Film night | Brooklyn Street Art